Real Moms Story 81

Meet Niyati Sharma – A Real Mom’s Story On Being So Damn ‘Real’

Don’t stress about weight, career and life plans. Take each day as it comes. Don’t try and be the ‘best’ Mom. Be a ‘happy’ Mom. Don’t do things to impress others. Choose to be THAT parent that you always wanted your own parents to be. Talk to people if you need help. Most importantly – you are and will always be more than ‘just a Mom’.

Real Moms Story 77

Meet Swati Gupta – A Real Mom’s Story On Teaching Life Lessons To Her Son Every Single Day

“Though, I am still learning and trying my best. However, just one tip to all the moms- make your child your friend, share your thoughts, your day spent and you will gradually see the results that your child will also start sharing his/her feelings. Do not judge your child and have trust in them”, says Kavita in our Real Moms Stories

Leadership Lessons 01

Leadership Lessons From Top 10 Mom Leaders Across The World

A mother’s sense of her own identity and imagery is often consumed by her role as a mom. Here are 10 great moms leaders who can inspire our parenting styles for the best!

Mothers Voting guide 1

A Mother’s Voting Guide For Her Son And Daughter

Going into the fifth phase of the 17th Lok Sabha election, here’s a mom who is looking forward to seeing her kids cast their votes for the first time!

Real Moms Story 21

Meet Minakshi Singh – A Real Mom’s Story on Having it All Under Control

Minakshi Singh, married for the past 6 years, and mother of an active toddler boy (Viraj) aged 2 years and 3 months, is successfully running two bars in Delhi-NCR. With fabulous joint family support, Singh could pursue her dream of being a part of F & B business.

Real Moms Story 09

Meet Nayana Chowdhury – A Real Mom’s Story on Changing the Face of Parenting

I think nobody can balance, it’s a myth, its an unrealistic standard people are held up against, some days you will do more housework some days more office work.

How to start a mommy blog 03

How to start a mom blog and make money

Get to know the tips about how to start a mommy blog and make money by writing what mothers love to read

Mum burn out 01

6 Reasons why you are experiencing mom burn out

Being a mom is hard. It is harder than I thought.

How qualified housewives are revolutionizing education 04

How qualified housewives are revolutionizing education industry through Planet Spark

One thing which I can say with certainty is that our parents have brought us up to great expectations. And for this, they have spared no expense.

single mom quotes 01

Top 10 single mom quotes to live by

Am I up to the challenge of single mom? Well the answer is yes. Before you get me judging, no this is not the life I wanted.

back to work after delivery 01

Confused when you should get back to work after delivery?

Getting back to work after delivery can be challenging in terms of leaving your baby alone in someone else’s supervision and guidance. I was thoroughly confused about when is a right time to get back to work.

online jobs for stay at home moms 03

Top 6 online jobs for stay at home moms with a noisy house

A home is noisy and clustered when you have children playing around. You cannot control your children remain silent throughout the day.