Confused when you should get back to work after delivery?

A guest post by Dhannya Sreekumar chalking out a few basic factors every mom should consider before making a decision of getting back to work after delivery!

Getting back to work after delivery can be challenging in terms of leaving your baby alone in someone else’s supervision and guidance. I was thoroughly confused about when is a right time to get back to work. It can also be frightening because as a mother you will have apprehensions if the care giver will be able to take care of your baby the way you would have done. But sometimes these tough decision needs to be made while ensuring your baby’s safety and that he/she is being taken care of in your absence.back to work after delivery 01

A lot of times working moms also feel guilty about compromising the time with their baby and not being able to spend enough time with them. But with efficient planning, it is possible to ensure your baby is happy and is taken care.

Some of these factors can help you make a decision:

1. Identifying a primary care giver:

The basic requirement for leaving your baby alone at home is to ensure there is someone experienced and trusted to take care of him/ her. This will relieve a lot of the stress and trouble as someone will be there looking after your baby as much as you would have done. Often, it is a good idea to check if grandparents are willing to take up this responsibility of supervision. They love to be around grandkids and they will ensure that your child is safe. Taking care of a small baby or a toddler is a lot of work and it is important that they enjoy this opportunity to spend time with your child. So, do ensure that there is a nanny or maid who is around to help them out. If this option of grandparents doesn’t work out for you, then day cares also an option. Check if your employer itself has a daycare. Do a thorough background verification of the day care before enrolling your child into it. Nanny or daycare is a critical decision that needs to be thought through well, so do not rush through this step.back to work after delivery 02

2. Giving yourself time and space:

Giving yourself some time to get acquainted to the idea of leaving your baby at home and focusing on work will help you make a decision. It can be very overwhelming to think of leaving your child and going back to work. But at same time you might want to get back to work. A lot of times new moms rush into the decision of quitting their job or taking a less important roles or a work from home opportunity, to spend more time with the baby. All these options are great if you are happy with the decision and the trade-offs you are willing to make to spend time with your child. But spending some time thinking about getting back to work and letting yourself breathe into the idea will help you draw a clear picture of what you really want.

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3. Openness to getting support and help:

Finding a help back home can save you from a lot of stress while leaving for work. Seeking help from people you trust like your husband or parents will make you confident of your decision without any reason to worry. All you need to do is be open to the possibilities of other trusted members stepping on behalf of you for your child’s parenting requirements.back to work after delivery 04

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4. Culture at work:

Supportive employers are often known to help working mothers considerably. There are companies that allow mothers to work from home when their child is not well or work flexible working hours. Knowing the culture at work will also give you the assurance that you will be able to make time for your child during critical situations. As a new mother, if you are still breastfeeding you will need at least an hour for pumping milk for your baby. In such a case, speak to your HR or boss about it and check if arrangements can be made for the same.   back to work after delivery 05

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The above-mentioned pointers should help you decide when to join work. Once you have made the decision to go back to work, focus on getting things in place so that the transition is smooth for you and your baby.  Starting to preserve milk at least a month before using pump will make sure that there is no lack of breast milk for your baby. For the first six months, doctors advise you to feed baby with only breast milk. In such a situation, if you plan to join your job within the first six months of delivery, start freezing milk using a pump for future requirement.

Parenting is a tough responsibility and some moms like it better when there is a balance between baby and work. Taking some time off from constant childcare responsibilities gives you that much needed excitement of meeting your baby back at home and making the time more fun and enjoyable.

A mom knows what’s best for her baby and herself. So, listen to your heart and jump into the decision with the faith that everything will fall in place.

back to work after delivery 06About Dhannya Sreekumar: Dreamer. Technology Enthusiast. Marketer. Traveller. Potter were terms that Dhannya tried using to define herself. But then her daughter came along and motherhood gave her a new Avatar. Slowing down of the 10 years of corporate madness was a blessing in disguise as it gave her fresh insights and enthusiasm to build, a technology driven information platform for new age Indian moms.

An Engineering and Management Graduate, she now looks for technology led solutions that will make a mom’s life easier and will help her make better decisions for her child. 

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