A letter to moms with married sons 01

A Letter To Moms With Married Sons

A bride wants to feel loved, accepted and appreciated by her new family! But, often she is judged and most often- turned down. She is tired of criticism, of cutting remarks, of never feeling good enough. Here’s a letter one daughter-in-law wrote to all the MILs in this entire universe!

Relationship between mother and child 03

5 Ways To Strengthen The Relationship Between Mother and Child Who Is Turning 13

During the pre-teen years, you could still put your weight down and have your way, but the same thing is difficult with a teenager. Since puberty is a time when they are going through a lot of physical and emotional changes.

Ways Mothers Can Bond More with Their Sons 01

7 Unique and Surprising Ways Mothers Can Bond More with Their Sons

So, how do you live up to your son’s idea of a hero? No, you don’t have to dress up as Spiderman or buy him ice cream every night, you can do some other simple things to spend more time with your son and be more involved in his interests.

popular moms 03

10 Famous And Popular Moms And Their Daughters

There are some mother-daughter duos we love to hear and talk about. They create a buzz wherever they go.

Mother Child Relationship 06

10 Insanely Simple Ways to Strengthen Mother Child Relationship

The journey of a mother and child relationship embarks from the day the embryo comes into existence. Even though this bond may be the strongest on earth, but here are some interesting 10 insanely simple ways which can further enhance and strengthen the association in a light and fun filled manner:

Marriage Impacts Your Child 03

3 Incredible Ways Your Marriage Can Impact Your Child

A marriage undergoes several alterations once the baby enters the scene. The relationship between a couple also impacts your child When your first child is born, your world is completely turned on its head. Your marriage also undergoes several alterations. The relationship between a husband and wife also impacts your child. Schedules shift, old habits…

childs zodiac signs 12

Your child’s zodiac sign’s best personality traits

Raising children is never a simple task, but the better we understand our kids, the more effective parents we are.

couples trying to conceive 08

6 Tips for couples trying to conceive

Parenthood is a wonderful experience – it is also a privilege of being able to create life.

lessons to teach your child 01

5 Lifelong lessons to teach your child

A mother-son bond is just overwhelming. It has been nearly ten years since I held a cute little ball of life in my hands and shed tears of joy as his tiny hand curled up around my finger tightly.

Domestic violence 02

Domestic violence – What one must do in such a situation

Bride tortured to death for dowry, two women hang themselves over dowry, woman burnt alive for dowry. We all come across such a headline every other day in the newspaper.

child custody arrangement 01

3 Things you should know about child custody arrangement post divorce

Divorce and custody can become arduous battles and the innocent little children get caught in legal and emotional warfare between parents.

Perfect babymoon 07

How to plan a perfect babymoon

Before you step into the life-changing roller coaster ride, called the parenthood, you definitely need a getaway during your pregnancy.

Gifts for Childrens Day 03

Top 10 fabulous gifts for this Children’s Day

Walking down the memory lane, I distinctly recall how eagerly as a child I used to wait for the month of November.

How to help your child to cope with divorce 01

How to help your child to cope with divorce

Divorce is a heart-wrenching affair and can be stressful not just for the couple but also their kids.

best dogs for kids 05

Top 10 breeds of best dogs for kids

We all know as kids, having a pet at home is something which we really wished for! Some of us were even lucky that our parents gave into our fancies and allowed us to have pets at home.

Celebrity dads 05

Top 10 celebrity dads who are crazy about parenting

We mostly talk about celebrity moms and their parenting style and how they are managing their kids and work. Well, we never thought about the celebrity dads who also take out time to spend with their kids besides their hectic work schedules.

Children who grow up with pet animals 02

Children who grow up with pet animals are emotionally more intelligent

We have all grown up with pets when we were kids. Even if we didn’t have any at our own place, there was one pet which we fondly remember at either of our grandparent’s place.

Being a Good Friend 05

Being a good friend – Teaching life skills to your child

Oh! That age old saying of Friendship. Those clichéd thoughts about friends. Huh! Yet, don’t you think it does, smear, regardless of the time and generations we live in?

Teach my daughter 06

10 Things I want to teach my daughter

They say being a parent is the toughest job in the world. That is because there are days when you would just want to give up on everything.

A letter to my aging mom 05

A letter to my aging mom

Dear Mom, They say no time or no moment is good or bad to thank your mom!

good Indian wife and mother 01

3 Crazy things a good Indian wife and mother must do

As an Indian wife and a mother, I have not had a single day where I can sit and relax. Why? Well! You know the answer. You too have been bearing the brunt, haven’t you?

Daughters in law in India 01

3 Terrible things some daughters-in-law in India have to face everyday

The other day, while browsing through Quora, (an online platform for questions and answers), I came across a common question.


3 Things my husband and I shouldn’t have stopped doing after becoming parents

Most couples I know have changed after they became parents. As much as we look forward to motherhood and fatherhood, becoming a parent is a big change

Ganesh Chaturthi 01

10 Amazing lessons of life lord Ganesha can teach your child this Ganesh Chaturthi

There is the reverberating sound of the Nashik dhol all around you. Everywhere you look, you’ll see a Ganesha idol either on its way to the mandap or already placed on the pedestal.

Dad and babies 01

10 Awesome ways for dad and babies to bond with each other

Toni Morrison once posed a question to all parents, “When your child walks in the room, does your face light up?”

12 Cute and free printable Father’s Day cards

While it is a great idea to recognize and sometimes reward our parents (and ourselves) every day for the responsibilities we continue to fulfill.

Positive parenting skills 01

How to build positive parenting skills for raising kids without the use of fear

For a long time, parents across different cultures have used “Fear” as a tool to instill discipline and obedience amongst the children.

3 unbelievable things I want to tell my future daughter in law

3 Unbelievable Things I Want To Tell My Future, Daughter, In Law

There is a long long way to go for something like this. I mean- to read a letter that is not for you, and instead for your future partner. But, time passes in a blink of an eye. So, I decided to write a few things for our lovely daughter.

Lessons to learn in life mother son 05

A letter from a mother to a son on 4 valuable lessons to learn in life

So, dear son, it just occurred to me that time flies and in no time, you shall be 18. A few years from now, you will be debating with me over a pair of shoe or fighting for a particular ice-cream flavor.

Teach daughter 04

3 Important things I am going to teach my daughter

Here is a guest post by a writer who would like to go anonymous for certain reasons. She is a single mom, raising her daughter single-handedly.