How Premarital Counselling Can Help Couples Build A Strong Marriage

Marriage is a big leap for most couples. As with any big leap, it comes with its own set of worries, anxieties, and doubts. While most couples do a thorough heart-to-heart before settling on the decision of vowing to spend the rest of their lives together, you will be surprised at how many subjects are left undiscussed in the process. No matter how well you know your significant other, there is always a chance some very strong core areas you may have missed out on discussing. A marriage counselling session based on the premarital counselling model, in this case, can help you hold an effective discussion in a safe and supportive manner. 

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A couples premarital counselling session for to-be wedded couples is a relationship therapy session for partners to closely know and introspect on the expectations and aspirations from each other and their marriage. It is a methodical approach for couples to acquaint themselves with the core fibers of marriage and to understand their responsibilities before the big leap. The family therapist can organize this. The idea is to detect any potential area of conflict and address them constructively.

This will in a way prevent such areas or topics from ballooning into grave concerns threatening the relationship. When talking to therapists before getting married, couples are equipped to handle dicey discussions and resolve them effectively.

5 Common topics covered in a premarital counselling session are:

1. Expectations

We all enter a marriage with expectations and hopes. While for the most part, we may have discussed them with our partner, sometimes, some areas may still remain grey. A premarital counselling session can be a safe way to express your expectations from the marriage and the roles you and your partner would like to take on. This can sometimes go beyond who will do the dishes on Friday nights and take on more serious questions like caring for each other’s parents. 

2. Analyze

As humans, we are built on experiences. Our past most often constructs the shape we take in the future. Naturally, these experiences are also brought into the marriage. If you or your partner wish to discuss their apprehensions, fears, and experiences about the marriage, a pre-marriage relationship counselling session can guide such a discussion. 

3. Resolutions

One of the primary reasons for couples to opt for premarital counselling is that it often equips them to handle situations better. It attunes their senses and sensibilities to the needs of the partner so as to be able to detect discrepancies before they spiral. Counselling puts in place communication mechanisms and conflict resolutions that work for both partners. It also builds the base for couples to be open to future therapy sessions like emotional therapy if such occasions arise. 

4. Finance

If you have been in charge of your finance for a long time. Then chances are that splitting financial responsibilities with a partner can be a little difficult to maneuver. It will require some recalibration on both your parts. It’s best to do in a safe and neutral environment in a relationship counselling session to achieve the best results. This session will successfully help you understand each other’s financial goals and the know-how required to meet them jointly and individually. 

5. Future

Talking about the future is what most couples planning to take the marriage leap do, yet there remain many sectors that may fall through the cracks. It’s important to ensure that you and your partner’s thoughts and beliefs are aligned. When deliberating serious issues like intimacy, children, and finances. These are some of the most challenging areas for couples to traverse. 

Premarital counselling is like a marriage counselling session. The only difference being that it can work very well for those with troubled previous relationships but no issues in the existing relationship. No recurrent conflict, etc. Rather, the therapy is open to all couples wishing to build their marriage on a strong foundation.


Figuring out when to get marriage counselling is just as important as where to get it. While you can depend on your current family therapist to recommend an expert. You can also ask your trusted circle of friends, colleagues, and family to help you find one. BetterHelp, an online platform dedicated to making professional counselling accessible, affordable, and convenient hosts a range of premarital counselling sessions to help build a strong foundation for their relationship.

Talk before you take the walk down the aisle for a future of trust and confidence with your loved one. Talk to therapist once you both have decided to take the couples counselling ahead.

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  1. It really helps couples to build a very strong and fulfilling, long-term relationship. All the topics covered here are really practical and they should be a norm for any such pre-marital counselling sessions.