3 Incredible Ways Your Marriage Can Impact Your Child

A marriage undergoes several alterations once the baby enters the scene. The relationship between a couple also impacts your child When your first child is born, your world is completely … Read More


How to avoid falling sick during monsoons

Cold, flu, viral fever and several other diseases come hidden behind the cool breeze, delightful showers and soothing smell of wet earth in the monsoons. Here’s how you can keep your child safe this monsoon.

Children’s blocked nose – Do’s and don’ts

Nasal congestion is one of the most common situations that children below the age of three often experience.

10 Natural ways to repel mosquitoes this monsoon season

Monsoon is already here! And the typical worry of most parents, during this season, is to ensure that the family is protected from all types of infections and diseases.

How to save a drowning child – 7 Critical tips

Drowning is one of the major causes that leads to injury and death in children in the age group between 01- to – 04 years.

5 Great ways to treat chapped lips in kids

Lips, so exposed to sun, wind, and other irritants, don’t have oil glands to keep them soft and moist.

Ways to make your child’s first camp memorable

Spring is almost here, and kids are just about to begin a new session at their respective schools.

Top 3 positions to help your baby burp

Congratulations on bringing your little bundle of joy home! It is now time to put all the knowledge which you attained in those nine months of pregnancy to the actual test.

5 Must-know list of foods to avoid for babies to keep them safe

A new mom will try her best to keep the baby safe and fit in the process of bringing him up.

Top 10 teething tips that work

Remember the first time your baby’s first tooth popped up?

Top 9 hygiene habits to teach kids between the age of 3 and 5

Hygiene is a very critical subject for a child to connect and learn.

Keep diaper rash at bay

Nappy rash – those pesky red spots or patches on baby’s super-soft skin give sleepless nights to babies and mommies alike.

10 Fancy dress ideas for kids this Republic Day

India will be celebrating its 69th Republic day this year with much pomp and show at India Gate.

10 Mistakes that many parents do that can actually ruin their baby’s sleep

There is nothing more heartwarming than watching a baby sleep. The sheer sight of seeing them sleep with no worries is something which every parent cherishes.

Winning against indoor pollution – The struggle is real

There has been a raging debate going around all of us regarding the alarming pollution levels and the toxic air we are inhaling.

8 Safe positions to hold a baby

Parenthood is indeed the most remarkable phase. The joy and happiness of holding your little one for the first time surpass and outweighs everything in this world.

How to clean a baby girls’ private parts

Bathing and keeping a baby squeaky clean is one of the prime concerns of any new mother. While many new mothers take help from elders in their family, others turn to maids for assistance.

How to clean your infant’s eyes

There is no better sight than to see your baby sleeping. Apart from that dreamy kind of look which the baby gives while sleeping, it also gives us mommies some ‘ME-TIME’.

How to clean an infant’s ear

A lot of parents may think about the fuss on cleaning earwax of kids, and to many, this may even appear as an insignificant and a trivial topic for discussion.

5 Awesome tricks to get your child to sit in a car seat

‘Wish they remained babies, wrapped in my arms’, a common emotion of a mother who is going through the early years of her parenthood. As the child grows up, every conversation becomes a rational discussion.

Blue Whale Challenge fatalities – 5 Steps to parental control on gaming

Can gaming be fatal? Well, yes it is so nowadays. The Blue Whale Challenge has caught the world by surprise. We are usually concerned about the impact games and television have on our kids’ eyes.

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