Keep Baby Diaper Rash At Bay – Tips For Fast Relief

Baby diaper rash or nappy rash are those pesky red spots or patches on baby’s super-soft skin give sleepless nights to babies and mommies alike. Nappy rash is common and can happen no matter how careful you are about looking after your baby’s bottom (buttocks, perianal region, inner thighs). Almost all children who wear nappies get nappy rash at some stage. This rash, that either looks like little red bumps or blisters or red patches can cause discomfort and pain, which can make your baby irritable and cranky.

Sometimes nappy rash might go up onto your child’s tummy or spread up towards your baby’s back. In severe cases, some areas of the skin might be raised or swollen, and there might be breaks in the skin. These breaks are called ulcers.

baby diaper rash

What causes baby diaper rash?

There are several reasons that cause a nappy rash or diaper rash.

1. Wearing a wet or dirty nappy

The main cause is wearing a wet or dirty nappy for too long. Prolonged wetness (or even dampness), friction and ammonia substances released from urine or stool can irritate your baby’s skin.

2. Diarrhoea and other stomach problems

Certain enzymes in stool irritate the skin which can cause redness and rashes in the diaper area. If the baby has diarrhoea, the problem of diaper rashes becomes more common.

3. Avoid plastic pants

Plastic pants often make a nappy rash worse because they stop air circulating normally and keep the nappy area damp. Not just that, residues of soaps and detergents left on cloth nappies after washing can also lead to nappy rash.

baby diaper rash

Tips for fast relief:

We have discovered a really awesome product that acts two times faster to protect and soothe baby’ skin from diaper rash. Caladryl Diaper Cream is a uniquely formulated cream that provides fast relief and rapid healing to babies from diaper rash.

baby diaper rash

Firstly, the baby skin do not absorbs it. In fact, it is a myth that baby’s skin should absorb diaper rash creams . There is scientific reasoning behind it. The skin should absorb moisturizing cream that while a baby diaper rash cream form a protective layer on the skin to work effectively.

Since Caladryl is thicker in consistency than most available in the market. It doesn’t get absorbed by the skin easily but forms a protective layer on the skin. This helps in effectively blocking out the wetness from urine and friction from the diaper and heal the rash quicker.

It provides quicker, almost instant relief to soothe the irritation. This meant the baby stopped crying almost instantly. More than anything else, I noticed the rash healing within a day or two. The main ingredient in this product is zinc oxide, which is known for its skin-protecting abilities. Also, Caladryl has 10 % zinc oxide content, as compared to 2.5% in other creams. Caladryl also contains olive oil and glycerine – not just renowned for skincare, but also gentle on any baby’s soft skin.

Over a period of time, Caladryl will prevent the rash from recurring over a period of time. All this makes it a must-have baby’s toiletry essentials!

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