Top 14 Indian Mom Blogs

The super talented new aged millennial Indian moms no longer lag when it comes to blogging. Blogging is no longer a westerner concept. Besides, mom blogs is now a great way to make money while working from home. Blogging


Life of work at home moms – The good and the bad side of it

It’s ben close to three-years working as a WAHM. It all started on a fine day when the little one turned 3 months old.

Letter to a mom who is planning to go back to work

Motherhood can change us in ways we can’t even imagine. Before becoming a mother, I was a full-time PR consultant. At times, working harder to climb up the corporate ladder.

3 Terrible things some daughters-in-law in India have to face everyday

The other day, while browsing through Quora, (an online platform for questions and answers), I came across a common question.

Traditional remedies for babies that I’d advise you never to use

As mothers, we see that there is a constant fight between the age-old and the modern practices.

Cute baby video contest from Farlin India

Every baby is special and unique in his/ her own way. We all love our little bundle of joy and find their actions and gestures adorable as well as cute.

Why being a mother doesn’t have to necessarily mean she makes her life a sacrifice

A famous saying that once you are on your way to becoming a mother, your goals are hijacked forever! For most of us, it’s true.

3 Strange things that happened the first time I went away from my baby

Whosoever coined the word ‘separation anxiety’ didn’t quite know that it wasn’t only restricted to kids. Anxiety is also provoked in mothers by separation or the threat of separation from their children.

Then and now – How we think before and after being a mother

Well! This is exactly what I thought before I became a mother, and my faith in this saying stays strong as ever even now that I am one.

A mom blogs about planning for a birthday – Chronicles of a young mother

Marriage is a new chapter in any girl’s life. So it was for me 2 years back. As a pretty, young and confident bride, I embraced marriage gracefully.

6 Awful and cheerful moments when new moms cry

Ever seen a new mom crying out of love and tiredness, both at the same time? Well, here are my 6 awful and cheerful moments. My baby has seen his new mom crying a million times!

4 Best memoirs of a simple mom

Do you have certain memories locked up in your mind that you so wish you could narrate to your loved ones? Well! I hope you do get inspired by these 4 memoirs of a simple mom!

Those dirty feet

Dear son, you can walk now. It is a bit wobbly but without any support. It is a huge milestone from the growth and development point-of-view but for parents, it’s a speechless moment.

Top 6 Childhood Then and Now

Top 6 old world charms vs new world’s high-tech pulp. The former has been long forgotten and the later has been driving kids towards a super fast paced life. When … Read More

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