Cute baby video contest from Farlin India

Folks! Participate in this really cute baby video contest and win a grand prize!

Every baby is special and unique in his/ her own way. We all love our little bundle of joy and find their actions and gestures adorable as well as cute. Don’t you just love a hug from your baby or when he/ she says mama or papa or simply smiles? Yes, every parent does.cute-baby-video-01

All of us agree to the fact that watching our baby growing up is the most beautiful sight in the world and what’s more beautiful is to capture those delightful memories, those sweet, cute adorable moments of our child.

To celebrate the art of building and watching such beautiful memories, brand Farlin India urges you to share with them such delightful moments captured in your camera. Participate in #iamfarlinbaby contest today!

How to Participate:

There are multiple ways of participating & submitting the video of your baby.

Facebook: You simply have to post your video on our page Farlin India and include the hashtag #iamfarlinbaby (mandatory) in the caption of your post. Click on their Facebook Page link!

Twitter: You can post the video in your Twitter account and include the hashtag #iamfarlinbaby (mandatory) in the caption of your tweet. Click on their Farlin India Twitter account!

Instagram: You can post the video of your baby in your Instagram account and include the hashtag #iamfarlinbaby (mandatory) in the caption of your post. Do follow their Instagram account!


Submit Link: Submit the youtube,vine,vimeo or Instagram URL of your baby’s video directly by filling the entry form by clicking here

Here are more details on this awesome contest!cute-baby-video-02

Last date of participation: 

The last date to participate in the contest is 22nd October (Saturday), 2016. Pick up your camera, mobile or handy-cam, capture the beautiful moment of your baby and share NOW. Hurry!




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