Popular Indian Mom Blogs And Upcoming Influencers To Follow Now!

Blogging can be a hobby and even a career. And moms have mastered the art of taking their hobby to another level. They’ve literally aced the art of monetizing their passion for documenting mom-life, building a brand, and lining on their resume – which has also helped them land a job. As a result, owning a mom blog is definitely a newfound career that has given a lot of hopes to mothers worldwide. And, so our Indian mom blogs are special. An Indian mom blogger continues to thrive, she does her house job, her full-time job to manages to cook (or not), takes charge of the family, and blogs about her (imperfectly-perfect) life.

Most women start mom blogs to document their motherhood journey and creating a memory calendar of sorts! As a result, mom blogging is definitely a newfound career that has given a lot of hopes to mums worldwide. Most women start mom blogs to document their motherhood journey and creating a memory calendar of sorts! 

Personally I have seen many cases where new mums dealt with their postpartum depression by writing their heart out on their respective blogs, thereby creating a whole new community online. Mom blogs have given direction and opened a fresh perspective for women. It is also a significant benchmark in a woman’s career wherein she had to leave her thriving professional work, but later found her calling in the illustrious world of blogging! Read on to know 50+ popular Indian mom blogs and influencers.

Top Indian mom blogs you must subscribe to:

1. Bumps n Baby

Bumps n Baby is a well-renowned parenting blog and Indian mom blog and was started by Sangeetha Menon in 2012. It deals with pregnancy, baby and mom care, parenting and baby food recipes, product reviews, fitness, diet, nutrition, pre and postnatal care, home remedies, and working mom concerns. It has around 300,000 visits every month.

2. The Champa Tree

The Champa Tree blog also commonly known as TCT  was conceptualized by Vaishali Sudan Sharma in the year 2014. The ambit of TCT ranges from motherhood to parenting tips, child care, interesting fun-filled activities, and crafts for kids. TCT is a well recognized and acknowledged parenting blog. It is a recipient of many awards like Liebster Award, Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, One Lovely Blog Award, Versatile Blogger Award, Very Inspiring Blogger Award, and has been recently awarded as one of the top 10 Indian parenting blogs. Recently, The Champa Tree has been awarded by BonusApp as one of the “Top 10 Parenting Blogs – India 2018.” The Champa Tree is among the best Indian mom blogs

The Champa Tree One of The Best Parenting Blog a Mother Should Follow

3. Maa of All Blogs

A full-time mom and a part-time blogger plus a fitness geek! Yes, that’s how she describes herself. She celebrates motherhood and also writes about her two beautiful boys, Prerna Sinha, founder of The Maa blog shares this Maa’s experiences along with the confluence of motherhood and various passions which she pursues be it, travel, fashion, beauty, fitness or even shopping. 

4. KidsStopPress | Community

This Indian mom blog is a brainchild of Mansi Zaveri and has a huge fan following. It is also regarded as one of the most trusted parenting blogs. Moreover, it has an enormous online presence and you can watch various parenting videos on YouTube. It shares parenting tips, product reviews, recipes, and  DIY learning activities.

Indian Mom Blogs a Mother Should Follow (Top 16): TCT

5. Artsy Craftsy Mom

Founded by Shruti Bhat in 2010, this blog deals with the creative side of children and shares many interesting and unique art, craft, and DIY ideas for both mother and child.

6. My Little Moppet

The maker of this blog is Dr. Hema Priya, a doctor by profession, a certified child nutritionist, and a mother of two. In this blog, she shares her invaluable input and experience both as a parent and as well as a nutritionist thereby empowering the readers with insightful information on parenting, how to handle fussy babies, and easy nutritious healthy recipes.

7. Shishu World

This blog was kick-started by Priya in the year 2012 with an idea of providing information to the expectant parents and new parents who are cast away from their families. It provides an insight into parenting by mixing traditional as well as modern methods. It has a very strong online presence. More than 100,000 onliners visit their YouTube channel and blog every month on articles relating to parenting tips, food recipes for babies as well as for toddlers, simple craft ideas, and many more. It is among the best Indian mom blogs.

Parenting Blogs for Mom

8. Mom Junction | Community

This blog was formed by Chetna with a view to providing overall relevant information pertaining to motherhood and parenting. It is like a one-stop solution covering everything from marriage to pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting. One of the best Indian mom blogs in India with over 21 million unique monthly.

9. Mommyswall

Initially started by Jaishri but now it is a team of moms who share their personal experiences and tips relating to parenthood. It also provides information on product reviews, baby food recipes, pregnancy, post-natal care, travel, and fashion.

10. Kidskintha

Kidskintha is dedicated to jumpstarting conversations around millennial parenting – thoughts, tools, actions, and words that can influence the coming up of the brave new generation. The blog is owned by a lovely mom of two- Devishobha based in Hyderabad, who was inspired by a mythological garden of joy and abandon called Kishkindha, a garden of trust, joy and abandon.

11.  Whole Some Mamma

Aloka Gambhir the owner of this blog is a certified Lactation Educator and a professional Babywearing consultant. In her blog, she shares her experience of following a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, potty training, etc.

12. MomScribe

Uma Maheswari Anandane began writing this blog with a little bit of mathematics and then gradually moved to parent and lifestyle. Her blog mainly deals with creative writing, short stories, poems, and mathematics.

13. Kiddie Story 365

The author of this blog Aditi Bose is a writer and uses her skill in writing imaginative, simple, and easy to narrate stories for kids.

14. Being Happy Mom

Started by Neha Goyal. Being Happy Mom deals in parenting, baby food and health, and child care.

15. Being Momma

The creator of this blog deals with different phases of womanhood right from pregnancy to toddlerhood.

16. Confused Parent

There is nothing more important than your child’s well-being. If you are looking for awesome updates on pregnancy, motherhood & child education that you would love to read then this is it!

17. What’s Cooking Mom

Though architect by profession, Nidhi Axat has a passion for cooking. Her blog mainly deals with kids friendly vegan recipes and craft activities. So in case if you are falling short of any recipes or running out of ideas do visit her page for some yummy recipes.

18. MomsCove

An upcoming mom blog to watch out for. Meghalee Nath, the founder intends to explore all aspects of motherhood including parenting. Their spot-light is on happiness and well being of mothers in general and a special focus on stay-at-home-moms. At MomsCove, we believe motherhood must go beyond the chores of parenting and hence the tagline – Pets, Parenting, Positivity.

19. Gleeful Blogger

Before taking up the job of a full-time blogger, the founder, Dipika Singh used to teach in Post Graduation College of Business Management. Training young and sharp minds always attracted me, as it’s a challenging and dynamic job. Interacting with today’s youth provides us much more knowledge then one can imagine. Her blog has won many many digital awards. Her parenting website is an effort towards raising mindful children.

20. The Mom Sagas

Charu Sareen Gujjal is raising twins effortlessly. She thinks birthing and rearing of twins is one-of-its-kind experience and that too a beautiful one. Each day of her parenting journey marks a new learning, a new story, and a new memory that deserves to be treasured and shared. Other than the website, she also runs. a successful Instagram handle. Just like Deepika, she too worked as an educationalist. Don’t forget to visit her blog that is a content repository for parents.

Apart from Indian Mom Blogs, Here are the Best 20+ Mom Influencers (Instagram) to Follow in 2020:

1. Harpreet Suri @MomWearsPrada

Harpreet Suri was previously a corporate hustler and is now a full-time mom influencer. She is a super juggler and has donned many hats. Her Instagram handle teaches us something cool and kick-ass every single day!

She is a very well known name on Social Media, who was recently Awarded as one of the Top 50 Influential Women of the World. She is also the Most Searched Indian Mom Blogger on Google. Mentoring Femina Mrs. India has been a golden feather in her cap. She is Titled as “The Mom who Rocks Instagram in India” by Viral Bhiyani. Also Tittled as “One of the Women who Rocks IGTV in india” alongside Masoom Meenawala and Kusha Kaplia by Indian Express. Her videos are always Trending on Instagram. She is Covered extensively online & offline for her Revolutionary thought process on parenting.

Mom blogs - Harpreet Suri of Mom Wears Prada

2. Monika @monikablends

On her microblog, Monika talks about simple recipes, her son Rahyl and shares little pieces of her everyday life. One look at her Instagram feed is enough to make you drool. She shares simple hacks for getting that perfect fermented Dosa and Idli batter and her home garden stories can’t be missed either. Monika also shares home gardening tips along with some easy DIYs on how you can keep your toddler engaged with simple stuff at home! She is a firm believer in the fact that kids don’t need as many toys as we think it to be!

Mom blogs  - Monika of monikablends

3. Richa @urbanmantra1

Richa from urbanmantra1is currently based out of Singapore and is the creator behind Urbanmantra. Her fashion sense is something you cannot miss with even eyes shut! Yes, it is that colorful and spot on. A full time working mom, on the blog Richa documents her daily wearable styles as much as she talks motherhood. My personal favorite is the part where she does a recap of her monthly looks on the blog! She is equally passionate about styling a skirt different ways as she is about doing interesting STEM activities with her boys Krishnav and Arjun! 

Mom blogs richa of urbanmantra1

4. Nikki @mummy_ka_pitara

You are in for a hearty laugh if you are following Nikki. A mom of two boys based in Jaipur, Nikki started mummy_ka_pitara as a community to connect with moms on different levels of humor related to parenting. The child of acting is alive in her, all thanks to hilarious videos she posts on Instagram community. Her page is all about positivity, motivation, and fun. Have a look at it! You won’t be disappointed. Nikki’s video content is so relatable and is something that you would encounter in your daily life and nuances.

Mom blogs - nikkki of MummKaPitara

5. Shweta @mommygrapherofficial

Shweta is mom to 10-year old Dhriti who is currently based in Goa. She is a family photographer and left her corporate job when she became a mother. She went on to start her own business and is now a well-established photographer across the country. Her mantra for parenting is pretty simple- Less of media, more interaction with nature, and of course lots of hugs, cuddles, and smiles! So if you are in or around Goa and are looking for a great family photo session, Shweta would be the best person.

6. Sushmita @wildberriesandfables

Want to see the United Kingdom’s countryside life, then you should definitely follow Sushmita from Wildberriesandfables. An Indian mom currently residing in the UK Sushmita is raising three multiracial children. She shares daily moments after her usual life on adulthood, parenting, love for books. We adore her writing skills and her love for cooking can be very easily seen on her Instagram channel. Her feed is a mix of fun elements plus very sensitive topics like Racism, Veganism which you otherwise won’t find on other channels. Raw, honest, unfiltered emotions are what best describes this mum’s Instagram feed.

Mom blogs - Sushmita of wildberriesandfables

7. Sharmila @sincerestoryteller

Another mum who found her calling in photography is Sharmila from Sincerestoryteller. She explains this journey in a very simple manner. Sharmila says, ‘When I embarked on this journey I had no idea where it would take me. It came to me at a time when I least expected it. One look her feed now and you can tell where it all began and where she is currently. The love for flat lay photography, baking, food photography and styling home spaces screams out of her Instagram feed. Check out videos on the feed, her home is all sorts of the one which you see as major Pinterest boards- home goals we might as well call it.

Mom blogs Sharmila of sincerestoryteller

8. Isha @mommytomishka

Mommy to 2 doting girls, Isha is currently a stay at home mom and blogs actively on parenting and does book reviews as well. She feels reading and coffee are her fuel! Isha believes in Instagram as a community and feels apart from the usual work, she has made some great friends here and cemented connections for life! Recently her story ‘My Two hearts’ was published alongside stories from other writers in an eBook. Her coffee stories and children’s book reviews are something I look forward to whenever I launch Instagram on my app.

Mom blogs of Mommytomishka

9. Rashmi @notjustmommying

Rashmi a mom blogger based in Mumbai is a Hotel management graduate with an MBA. She started her blogging journey as part of documenting various milestones of her son. An avid writer right from her childhood, therefore it comes as no surprise when her first book ‘the Teeth Bugs and the Bunny got published last December. Rashmi recently started DIYs and upcycling projects, which got rave reviews on various Facebook communities.

Mom blogs - Rashmi of notjustmommying

10. Elina @momfunda

Elina, a Mumbai based mom to a 3-year-old girl is the founder and nutritionist at dietfundaofficial. She refers to dietfunda as her second baby! A certified nutritionist by profession Elina believes in bringing in the best possible combination of science and baby-rearing to her clients. On her blog, she shares blogs on diverse topics such as Child Nutrition, Newborn facts, and babywearing among a few. Follow her as she takes you on a guilt-free cooking journey, scooping out homemade pasta, falooda, and what not! What’s most relatable about Elina is that she understands her audience and tries different ways of connecting to them. This includes making yummy dishes and sharing links.

Mom blogs - Elina of momfunda

11. Vatsala @bumptobabyy

Mom to 16-month old Videh, Vatsala is an engineer by qualification. Currently based in Delhi, she proudly claims that motherhood is her current career. She started her Instagram journey to share behind the scene, undecorated and real moments of motherhood with an aim to tell all mums that all of us have our moments and not everything can be picture perfect and rosy.

Mom blogs - Vatsala of bumptobabyy

12. Rajni @ciaraandmommystyle

Rajni, mom of two adorable children who currently reside in Chennai, shares daily snippets of her life on Instagram. Wife to a sailor she has spent most of the initial years of her marriage on ships- traveling and exploring different countries! You just cannot miss her travel pictures! On her Instagram feed, she often shares about easily achievable makeup hacks too. She is also a great supporter of small businesses which mainly deals in kids’ toys, apparel, and even early nutrition foods.

Mom blogs Rajni of ciarraandmommystyle

13. Kamana @mycocktail_life

Kamana Gautam – mommy of two is a vocal advocator of babywearing, breastfeeding, and natural birthing. All these topics are very close to her heart as she experienced them first hand. On her social media channel, she has shared some raw and real emotions of breastfeeding and natural birth. This has garnered a lot of love and affection from the community. On her Instagram feed, she often talks on accepting one’s postpartum body and to stop comparing it with everyone.

Mom blogs - Kamna of mycokctail_life

14. Khusboo @mother.of.reinvention

Your search for a Visual Instagram treat might end at Khushboo’s page. You won’t be disappointed at all. From aesthetically shot creative indoor pictures to make the most of a photograph by adding fun elements through Adobe Photoshop, she does it with so much élan. Mom to three-year-old, Khushboo started on an experimental journey of photography after quitting her job. And like they say creativity keeps you alive and takes you places, she recently hit the 10K mark on Instagram.

Mom blogs - Khushboo mother of reinvention

15. Puja @sassymomworld

An investment advisor by profession, Puja who currently resides in Gurgaon, started her fitness journey after having a complex pregnancy. The main aim of her Instagram microblog is to promote fitness among women, as she feels they are the ones who need most care!  She currently holds a certificate in fitness training and manages this as a side hustle along with her full-time job. An avid marathon runner, Puja loves traveling and exploring new places with her better half and seven-year daughter Gianna.

Mom blogs - puja of sassymommyworld

16. Anchal @themumstory

Mom to a four-year-old boy, Ayu as she fondly calls him, Anchal found her calling in writing and hence decided to start her blog. She tells us that writing was always her passion, but never got to channelize on it. Among many things, motherhood gave her direction to start a blog and that is where it all started. She has participated in many writing challenges and she swears by them as these help in brushing up your writing skills and also adds great value to your website. Anchal has made some real-life connections straight out of Instagram and loves the vibe of the whole women support woman community.

Mom blogs - Anchal of mumstory

17. Udita @Withlovezuzu

Udita  Saklani is a full-time single mother based in Delhi and has been blogging and sharing her journey on Instagram for a little over four years now. She juggles her life between a full-time job, blogging, and also takes orders from her 5-year-old daughter. Udita started writing to feel better during her initial days of single motherhood and since then it has been an uphill journey. The best part about sharing little bits of her life on Instagram has to be finding several other single mums who are on a similar boat as she was.

On the blog, she writes about how to ace work and home life balance, fashion tips, and a lot about travel with her daughter Zuzu. As a community, Udita feels that Instagram is all about making the right connections as she has had her share of friendships gone sour! Moreover, she has been featured on Momspresso, Babychakra, and has been a writer with many top parenting websites.

Mom blogs - Udita of withlovezuzu

18. Sakshi @UpTownMommy

Sakshi Vaidya is a millennial mom who has now shifted her base to a  foreign land. With a blog on the side and beautiful posts on her IG feed, you’re going to love this stylish mom and her son’s antics. In addition, she documents fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and her posts radiate positive vibes.

19. Umang @momma_bows_and_lipsticks

Umang is an Instagram influencer and her feed is nothing but beautiful colors of the rainbow on a single palette. One look at her feed and you can’t miss the cute mommy-daughter photo shots! An ex-pat mother, currently based in New Jersey, Umang is also full time working in Ad & Media Industry. She believes Instagram has opened up so many avenues and swears by lifelong connections she made here.

Mom blogs - Umang of mommabowsandlipsticks

20. Shailaja @shailajav

Shailaja is a parenting blogger from Chennai. On the blog, she shares some great and insightful tips all related to blogging such as Seo, content building, how to increase page views e.t.c. If you are new to the world of blogging and are just beginning to get your hands dirty in it, then Shailaja can be your best coach.

21. Moushmi @artventuretales

Former marketer, Moushmi who blogs at Artventuretales is currently based in Mumbai. Her interest in art right from childhood helped her in establishing a sense of art and DIY which she has today. She quit her career of 16 years to take care of her children. The love for art then got converted into a desire to make it as a means to help children learn and grow. She says – If you have kids, you enjoy color, then don’t wait! Colors are a great way of learning new things and making new adventures as she fondly calls it.

22. Sanjivani @mommy_ganga_kinare_wali

Her Instagram handles pretty much tells her, where she hails from. This mommy blogger from Kanpur is a doting mom to 3.5 years old Noddy. A dentist by profession, Sanjivani dons many hats. She is also the proud owner of glitter paper, which does customized birthday decorations at affordable prices. Sanjivani is an avid gardener, and on her Instagram feed, she shares tips and tricks on how one can utilize boring spaces into fun green corners! Desi, sustainable and green spaces- Is what best describes her profile.

Mom blogs - Sanjivanai of mommy_ganga_kinare_wali

23. Shweta Ganesh @TimesofAmma

An Indian mom who is based in NYC, Shweta has been featured on BBC World Service and also the winner of Laadli Media Award Winner, Shweta’s posts and feed is highly engaging and informative. She is the editor at ‘Inkspire’ – a magazine for new writers.

24. Namrata Sadhwani @Namratabs

Namrata is a mom of twin boys. She is an architect turned social medial evangelist. She’s our real mom who celebrates motherhood and also juggles! 

Mom Blogs - Namrata Bhgtani

25. Riddhi @letter4ridz

Riddhi is a miliraty wife and a mother of two. She motivates the mothers around with her endearing posts and hence her profile saw a much deserved exponential growth.

26. Messy mom

Messy mom by Anjali is a space where she shares the fun, thrills, worries & some unexpected challenges we can expect to get out of a blog.

27. Manisha @Mrs.Manglik

Manisha calls herself a dragonfly in the world of butterflies. This stylish mother is the founder of chikeventsnco.

28. Sakhi @lifestyle_post_kid

This fintness enthusiast mother motivates her followers with her workout videos and melts our hearts with the lovely moments.

Here’s also a list of our lovely Indian mom bloggers and influencers we’ve covered in the past. Take a sneak peek of their lives:

Disha Thakkar @MyFuchsiaWorld

Celeste Yvonne @TheUltimateMomChallenge

Neha Bhalla @MommyToMySons_Neha

Manali Tiwari @Mommywood_India

Niyati Sharma @FaujiMom

Prisha Lalwani @Mummasaurauss

Palak Jain @PForEyelash

Shalu Sharma @TheDreamerMum

Karuna Sud @NamePlaceAnimalThing

Shweta Mukherjee @Shvtas

For any guidance regarding motherhood, follow them. If you own a mom blog or have an IG handle that focuses on motherhood, parenting, and everything kids, do share in comments. We’d be happy to include it on the list.

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