Why being a mother doesn’t have to necessarily mean she makes her life a sacrifice

Here is an honest confession of a mother on why she decided to let go of a lot of things for the sake of sanity. Read on to know why being a mother doesn’t mean you sacrifice your life!

A famous saying that once you are on your way to becoming a mother, your goals are hijacked forever! For most of us, it’s true. When I chose to start a family, I was told that this was a big decision of my life and it would pretty much change my life. I laughed it off, but then, when I had a baby, I cursed myself for not having paid any heed to those words which came from every possible source. I wish I was better prepared to prioritize my life. No more Diwali card parties, work-related travel or doing extra-time to be able to score well during the mid-term appraisals.being-a-mother-05

Everything now revolved around my little baby. And if ever I wanted to take a nap while the little one was awake felt like I was committing a crime. Poor support system meant I could not step out leaving my kid behind even for 10 minutes. Which meant, I had to wait for my little one to grow old enough to be able to take care of him while I was away?

So, I put an end to whatever existing social life I had. A proper 9 to 5 job, my professional life so to speak was bid adieu to. An eight-hour sleep was also parted ways with. But, I still thought that this is how most new mothers were. “The situation could have been worse”, told my sister-in-law and I thought I was lucky. How little did I know her story? Continue Reading..

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