Those dirty feet

A beautiful letter capturing the first few steps of her son. Read on to know how a mother compares it to the walk of life. Those dirty feet are all set to get you emotional!

Dear Son,

You can walk now.

It is a bit wobbly but without any support. A huge milestone from growth and development point-of-view but for parents, it’s a speechless moment. Me and daddy would often think about it. Last month, we went and bought a pair of footwear (with fancy Velcro fasteners and soft soles), so that it would get comfortable walking for you, I purchased special oil that was being religiously applied at night to put your feet and legs at ease. Daddy was truly thinking of purchasing knee-caps (to protect them from getting injured). Haha! Now don’t you laugh at that! You know how daddy is. Always very particular about things. We wanted to sort of capture your first ‘few-independent-steps’ with our camera (and most importantly lock it in our memory).Dirty feet 01

So, your first few steps (on your own) happened the day you turned 13 months. I didn’t mark that date on the calendar. Also, I wasn’t teary eyed. Daddy wasn’t even around. So, to be honest, we didn’t get to know when you just took those 4 steps, all in one go, without holding our hands.

But those dirty feet, I tell you. They are damn naughty. They carry with them a spark, oodles of mischief each time they set themselves on the ground. They are chock-full of thrills, chills, and excitement.Dirty feet 02

Just a few days ago, you were crossing small gaps but, wouldn’t release one support unless you could reach another. There were those awesome moments when you would speed up with delight each time you saw daddy cruising around in the room. You would get hold of his pants and smile. Then came this phase when you started recognizing distances from a new height and viewpoint. My cautious little one, you would reassess your moves after a sudden fall and go back to crawling again.

And now, look at those dirty feet!

You are so motivated by new and exciting things that you seem to forget you might fall. Those first few independent steps! Don’t know what inspired you to take those few on your own?

Son, that’s how life is going to treat you. There will be times when it will bring you down on your dirty knees and murkier ends. Initially, you will cross small gaps with our support, then you would sail across with little support and then..

Then, there will come a time when you will decide to go independent without realizing that it might get difficult. To see you take that solo flight will bring us joy. It will be a huge milestone. I might not even be around to apply my special oil or daddy standing by your side with those knee-caps, pushing you to try them on.

But, I just want you to know that those dirty feet, they shall make us proud. I pray to god now and always that you have a pleasant walk and that you might not need those fancy Velcro fasteners ever.Dirty feet 03

Love, Ma

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7 thoughts on “Those dirty feet”

  1. So beautifully spoken. You have captured the love and compassion of a mother’s heart toward her child. My children are all older now but your words still resonate within my being. God bless you!

  2. Oh, you are so right about those adorable little soft, sweet, dirty feet! Congratulations on being on Momma’s List! Following you now!

  3. beautiful. So well described… My kids both had their birthdays and it’s been years for both of them making their first steps. And still I remember. I remember how fast they went from being wobbly to running and now being able to do all those things they did not even dream of back then…