6 Awful and cheerful moments when new moms cry

Ever seen a new mom crying out of love and tiredness, both at the same time? Well, here are my 6 awful and cheerful moments. My baby has seen his new mom crying a million times!

Life of a new mom can be packed with a myriad of emotions. My journey as a new mom has been quite an exhilarating one. It began in the summer month of 2014 and ever since my motherhood journey began, I have not been the same. People did warn me though. They told me things are gonna change like a hundred degrees. And I thought they are all sounding like the music band ‘Said A Whale’.. But, today, as I sit back and think about it, well, yes, things have changed.When new moms cry 01

A new baby rocks and brings so much joy in one’s life, but, a new mom rocks too. Well! She rocks in a different way. She goes through a mixed bag of emotions. Often she is tired of sleeplessness and tired of all the excitement of putting the bundle of joy to sleep. Then, there are days, when she struggles with breastfeeding. Hormones can drive her nuts too. I remember how often I would think of divorcing my husband- I guess a zillion times!! Thankfully, he knew that I was going through a LOT of stress. But, let me not talk about all the rocky stuff. Because, becoming a mother is the greatest gift of life. There are moments, strong enough (and clever too) that can bring tears in your eyes. 

Let me share some of my most awful as well as cheerful ones, continue reading

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