The power of a good warm hug

“I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words,” said Ann Hood.

nap time for stay at home moms

The 4 stages of nap time for Stay-At-Home-Moms

No mommy can ever get enough of bear hugs, wet kisses and…and decent sleep! So, mommies often end up with nothing short of a handful of naps thrown at them with very little to no choice at all.

Your heat

We woke up to an exceptionally hot morning. And while I was turning you towards me for your early morning comforting latch-on, that’s when I felt the heat.

Wet lips 01

Wet lips

Last night while you were sleeping, I saw you for hours, your innocent face, those baby features, soft eyebrows and thick eyelashes, the nose that is not as sharp as mine and wet, thin lips. You looked gorgeous.