8 Iron-Rich Foods Every Mom And Baby Should Try

Are you breastfeeding? Are you having a toddler in the formative years? And, are you worried about you and your kid’s health post-pregnancy? But, worry Not! We are here to share ideas and suggestions to groom your healthy body. Always remember healthy diet is crucial for an active and consistent lactation. So, a balanced diet includes vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium, and iron-rich foods. Amongst these, Iron plays a very important role in most of the biological processes. 

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Iron is the lifeline of our blood, and it infuses the oxygen with hemoglobin, ensuring transfer of the oxygen to the lungs and other parts of the body. It helps in the conversion of blood sugar into energy. A must for the physical and mental growth of the babies and children. Above all, it is influential in building the immune system and cognitive development of the body.

So, guess what? No Iron, No proper development, and healing of the body of the baby and the mother respectively. We don’t always have to take iron supplements to build the iron content in the body. The magnanimous nature has given hundreds of foods which are rich source of iron.

8 Iron-Rich Foods Every Mom and Baby Must Eat:

1. Almond and Almond Milk

Almonds are a natural source of iron, which consumed regularly can elevate the blood levels and gives strength to the bones as it contains calcium as well. So, you can soak the almonds overnight and consume it like a daily morning diet or drink a glass of almond milk every day.

2. Dates

An excellent source of vitamins and minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium. Dates are high on sugar and consume consciously. If you are anemic, dates are a must in your daily diet. A single piece of dates every day to you and your children could be a perfect dose to keep the hemoglobin levels constant.

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3. Dry Fruits, Raisins,Aapricot and Figs

Dry fruits are the perfect nutritional source of iron. You can consume this as a daily snack or make a smoothie out of it. Include them as a small portion in your breakfast or lunch meal, and make it an inevitable part of your diet plan.

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4. Cabbage and Lettuce

You might wonder what cabbage would have? Guess what, cabbage and lettuce is the most underrated vegetable. Cabbage and lettuce belong to the same family and are an excellent source of Iron and Vitamin C which always goes hand in hand and a must for nutrition absorption in the body. So, you can eat them raw or make a salad or prepare it as a curry and eat with the breads. Excessive consumption can lead to intestinal gas causing bloating and flatulence.Iron Rich Foods 04

5. Green Leafy Vegetables

Aren’t these vibrant green leafy vegetables the most attractive? But yeah, most kids hate leafy vegetables. Leafy vegetables such as spinach, mint, coriander, kale, etc. are one of the most popular and prescribed sources of iron-rich foods and an essential for a baby’s growth. So, they are a perfect dose to regulate the hormones of the mother. You can make a Greek green salad or make a green curry. You can add one glass of green juice daily.

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6. Broccoli

A storehouse of Iron. A master product of Vitamin C. Though an Italian vegetable, it is available widely in the market. Besides having iron and Vitamin C, broccoli is also a great source of vitamin K, and most people love the bitter the taste of the broccoli. Make a raw salad or add them in your pasta and pulao. So, you can make an exclusive broccoli curry, just like your cauliflower curry and eat it along with the bread.

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7. Lentils

Lentils such as – Toor dal, urad dal, masoor dal, chickpea, rajma, etc., are a nutritionally rich in proteins and iron. And, they are low in fat, zero cholesterol foods and are flooded with iron, potassium, magnesium and folate. A rich produce of soluble and insoluble fibres, also hugely available in our country but needs to be consumed in moderation. So, you must have a bowl of dal everyday in your meal. Just a tip, soaking lentils and legumes overnight, helps in improving the iron absorption levels.

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8. Eggs

Most vegetarians today consume eggs. One egg everyday would ensure the recommended amount of iron reaches the body daily. Eggs are an excellent source to increase the iron absorption process. They are also vital sources of Vitamin D and helps in the development and strengthening of the body. So, you can boil them or make a scrambled egg or an omelet or make an egg curry to be eaten with rice or chapati.

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Just like your child has had its birth into this world, so have you born once again after the successful pregnancy completing the gestation phase. The formative years are crucial for the development of the body of the child and your body. Your child needs to gain weight and you need to lose weight in a consistent fashion without impacting both your health. So, make sure you add these iron-rich foods in your daily diet and ensure you and your family stays healthy.

Say bye to anemia!

by Ila Asthana

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