10 Traditional Baby Care Tips To Unfollow Right Away

Our elders always guide us on the right path. It is from their experience, that they tell us what is right and what is wrong. For a new mother, taking care of their little one in the best possible way is a priority. But since they are new to this, they are usually guided by their mothers, mothers-in-law, elder sister in laws or sisters as to best handle the new baby. But is what they say hold true today? Traditional baby care tips are redundant in modern times. 

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We bust 10 traditional baby care tips and myths that are redundant in modern day parenting:

1. Honey ritual

It is said that the baby must be given honey at birth by that one person whom they want the baby to be like! This is a strict no as honey is a source of bacteria and can lead to a disease called ‘Infant Botulism’ in kids.

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2. Kohl application

Some consider that applying kohl on a baby would keep them from bad omen. Well, this really doesn’t work. It would, in turn, lead to allergies and its application on eyes can make eyes irritable and watery.

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3. Crying baby is a hungry baby

Please do not feed your kid every time he/she cries. The first thing you would hear elders tell you when the baby is crying is to feed them even though you would have just fed the baby. The baby could be crying because of being colic, sleepy, irritable by the diaper or would have pooped. So please judge for yourself. Looking for credible products and newborn care tips as first time parents? We’ve a curated list of blogs for you to read.

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4. Hiccups and feeding the baby

Well, it is often said, don’t feed the baby when they have hiccups. Alternately, feeding and sucking will help stop the hiccups. Do try it!

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5. Don’t throw the baby above your head

Superstitions seem to be deeply rooted in our society. I was told not to throw the baby up in the air above your head. When I asked why there was no logical reasoning. My baby loves to be thrown and caught as it’s her favorite game. Also, we see mostly everyone does it, so no reason not to do it! However, if you feel that doing this specifically after baby’s meal times is causing some troubles ingesting milk, you may want to avoid throwing the baby above your head altogether.

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6. No mirror unless the baby has teeth

Another one on the list of superstitions with no logical reasoning to give. Every time I get my little one out of a bath, she enjoys watching herself in the mirror. It gets her to smile, so why not!

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7. Feed the baby with both breasts

We are told to feed the baby from both breasts in a single sitting or one breast will be smaller than the other. As per doctors, foremilk (Watery milk at the beginning of feeding) helps to satisfy thirst and gradually hindmilk (Milk with higher fat content at a later stage in feeding) is what satisfies hunger. So if we switch between breasts, there are greater chances that your baby will be left hungry. The size variation may come, which eventually corrects itself, however, to avoid this, one must feed on alternate breasts at alternate times.

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8. Round pillow for around head

It is said that a newborn baby’s head is soft and takes the shape that is given to it by guidance.  For eg, if a baby will always sleep sideways, their head will be longer and not round. So one must roll a soft cotton cloth in a circle and the baby’s head must rest inside it. This myth was busted by my doctor who clearly told me that a baby’s head is a skull which is made of bones and its shape can’t be changed! I stood there embarrassed!

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9. Don’t burp a sitting baby

A baby is said to be burped on the shoulder and not with the babysitting in your lap. This is so because the baby will get a hunchback. Again this is not true as its bones!! In fact, this is a better way to burp the baby.

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10. Use of walkers

We all have grown up learning to walk in walkers. We would bump around in them and eventually learn to walk. But today, walkers are considered dangerous by doctors and have called for a ban on them as they can cause serious injuries and there are no proven benefits of walkers. So instead hold your child’s hand or use stationary walkers and help them stand on their own feet, well, quite literally!

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We hope busting these myths may have answered a lot of questions all new mothers have on their minds. Do listen to what elders have to say, but at the same time gauge the situation and do what is best for your child!

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