5 Foods To Help Build Your Immunity

If there is one thing which keeps parents of infants and toddlers on their toes is – building immunity! Trying different permutations and combinations of food and kitchen ingredients is something very common across many households..


3 Home Remedies To Treat Nasal Congestion

In extreme cases, it is always advised to visit your pediatrician, but most times parents still tend towards natural home remedies. The best part about these remedies is that they can be easily whipped and churned in your kitchen at any hour of the day. Another reason why parents still opt for home remedies is – they are 100% safe!

3 Amazing DIY Ways to Treat Cracked Lips in Kids

If your little one has cracked lips, here is what you can do. Try these never-heard-before 3 amazing DIY techniques to treat chapped lips in kids.

Top 9 best foods for Hydration

Watermelon constitutes of 92% water content. Click here to know more about the fruits and vegetables which can help you in keeping your body hydrated.

10 Effective homemade cough remedies for kids and adults

When you have a chest infection and are coughing up a storm, the first thing you probably do is reach for the cough medicine.

6 Surprising benefits of ginger for kids

Love it or Hate it- All of us are aware of the umpteen benefits of ginger which come handy in our day-to-day lives.

8 Effective home remedies to treat ulcers in kids

Mouth ulcers are one of the common health problems observed in kids, especially in summer months.

5 Causes of gas pain in children

Remember the last night when your toddler was crying incessantly and you were just failing in every attempt in putting her to sleep?

Top 10 immune booster foods for kids

A mother often finds herself looking for the best foods in her child’s daily diet which will help in boosting their immunity.

6 Home remedies to treat wheezing in kids

Wheezing is a high-pitched or purring sound or whistling sound made while breathing. You can hear it best when your child is breathing out.

8 Home remedies to cure dry skin in children

With summer settling in just in time, The Champa Tree brings out the best home remedies to cure dry skin in children.

How to treat cold-related allergies in kids

“Cold”, also known as the common cold is one of the most common illnesses in every household.

Top 5 honey based home remedies for kids

As a parent, it is often painful and disturbing whenever your little one falls ill.

5 Crucial homemade monsoon care tips every new parent must follow

Monsoon brings in big relief from all the heat that has everyone engulfed over the hot months.

6 Natural remedies for kids every parent should know

We all know, how natural remedies come handy in case of kids at the last moment. Natural remedies are often tried by parents as they feel that antibiotics are not safe every time.

Press these body points to settle an overtired baby

Cry and babies can be used synonymously with one another. Crying, in fact, is the first form of communication between a mother and a baby.

7 Natural constipation remedies for kids

Constipation is often a reason which causes this discomfort in children. The most common reason for constipation to occur if often either behavioral or diet related or organic disorder.

Top 5 home remedies for loose motions in kids

Just like a fever and cold, loose motions are a difficult phase for the mothers to handle.

4 Natural home remedies to reduce fever in children

While many mothers know that fever is a positive natural response of the body to infection or illness, it does induce a heartbreak when their child is going through a physical uneasiness.

Traditional remedies for babies that I’d advise you never to use

As mothers, we see that there is a constant fight between the age-old and the modern practices.

Baby colic symptoms and signs

A real, worrisome scenario with a thousand of worries peep into the mother’s brain with the slightest cry of her baby.

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