6 Surprising Benefits Of Ginger For Kids

Love it or hate it- All of us are aware of the umpteen benefits of ginger which come in handy in our day-to-day lives. Remember the last time you removed that ginger julienne from your favourite dal-makhani? But have you ever thought, how many advantages does this wonderful plant carry? Is ginger good for children? You’d be surprised to know of these benefits of ginger for kids. It’s beyond just treating cough and cold! Continue to read.

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Health benefits of ginger for kids

Ginger is actually a flowering plant, but the portion of the plant which is most commonly used in the kitchen is its root. Ginger primarily formed the flora and fauna of India and the rest of the South-East Asian subcontinent from where it found its way to Europe and other places. The popularity of ginger as a plant has been time and again proved by both scientific research and Ayurveda. Ginger as an herb with medicinal value still precedes over, medicines across the world, because of the source it comes from – The Nature. However, we would still recommend doing thorough research on what quantity is to be given as it mainly depends on the age of the child. 

1. Provides instant relief from nausea and vomiting

Have a car trip in the upcoming summer vacation? Are you also dreading the uphill climb as much as other moms do? As much fun, road trips can be, they can be really exhausting if your child falls ill. While it is best to not overfeed your child during road trips, but sometimes we aren’t just able to avoid nausea and vomiting. Chewing a small piece of ginger will provide instant relief from nausea and vomiting. If the child is unable to chew it, just add ginger julienne in a bottle. Let it infuse for some time after which the water can be taken like regular water only.

2. Aids in digestion and helps in improving it

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Indigestion and gas are one of the most common problems a child faces during the initial years of growing up. Try giving your child a small piece of ginger right before her meal. This will not only prevent gassy troubles but will also aid in much more powerful digestion. Make a healthy concoction of lime, mint, and ginger and serve it to your little one to ease those gastric troubles.

3. A great soother when your little one is down with cold/cough

We all know the immediate and shooting effect ginger gives to our throat when we are down with that nasty cold. Having ginger with honey is by far the best concoction that provides relief to the aching throat. You can also try adding ginger oil to warm water and take steam inhalation, which in turn acts as a natural soother to that running and itchy nose.

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4. Treat an upset stomach

Children offer some from an upset stomach. The situation gets even more common during the hot summer months when food or water goes stale in a very short span of time. And when it comes to children, what better than giving them something off our kitchen counter only? Ginger is a very effective anti-inflammatory herb that can help relieve the discomfort caused by an upset stomach. 

5. As a cure for diarrhea

While one needs to keep their liquids at an all-time high if one has got diarrhea, it is said that ginger helps in faster recovery from it. Having ginger tea can help in the replenishment of the liquids lost during sickness. It helps in soothing the stomach and thus aids ins better digestion.

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6. To treat gastric ulcers

Gone are the days when ulcers used to be caused only by stress. Leading researchers have now come up with the theory that even germs have a big role to play in the formation of ulcers in children. Even though we might be very particular about cleanliness and other stuff related to it, yet sometimes our toddlers or preschoolers fall ill. Bacteria is one of the main causes of ulcers in children these days. Add ginger in your child’s food to prevent ulcers from reoccurring.

It is rightly said that nature has ways of protecting us and giving us back in heaps and bountiful. I guess that very well answers our queries to the ‘n’ number of questions which we as parents face as far as our child’s health is concerned. Ginger is also one of the magical things that nature decided to offer us and provide so many benefits in our day to day lives.

by Udita Saklani

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