Home Remedies For Diaper Rash And Best Baby Wipes Online

Diaper rashes are such a common concern for infants that we, as parents, are constantly looking for home remedies for diaper rash. As a result, we are also spending a lot of time hunting for the right kind of baby wipes online for our little ones. Yes, you will get advice that its not a grave worry, and most babies do get rashes owing to their sensitive skin, but you are still agonising over those red welts on your poor baby’s skin. Yes, we can apply medicines and creams and lotions, but wouldn’t it be better if we could avoid them altogether?

Why do babies get rashes so often?

Rashes develop when skin is wet and tightly closed, and if air circulation doesn’t occur. Often, it’s due to rubbing and chafing of this wet skin. This is why baby skin rashes occur mostly in the genitalia region for babies, but they can also happen on their stomachs or any area that is closed. The skin gets inflamed, and can sometimes cause peeling, or flaky skin. Diaper rashes are the most common type of baby skin rashes, and a constant worry for you because the baby has to be in diapers at least some part of the day. (And definitely at night).

You’re worrying about how to change your baby boy’s nappy, and how to allow for proper health and hygiene of your baby. In this blog, we talk about the best home remedies for diaper rash in babies and the go-to items that can prevent them from occurring.

Home remedies for diaper rash

Home remedies for diaper rash

What can we do at home to prevent diaper rashes? And when they occur, how can we help out our babies in their acute discomfort? Here are some tips:

1. Keep the area dry and airy

The best way to avoid baby skin rashes is to keep the baby’s skin light and airy. Avoid diapers when you can. Clean her/his diaper region several times during the day and, allow it to breathe. Wet skin will definitely break into rashes. 

2. Keep your hands clean when handling the baby

You don’t need to be obsessive, but some amount of self-care is necessary when you are handling an infant. The parent or caregiver should ideally wash their hands before touching the baby or the baby diaper. Germs and infection can easily be transmitted through us to the baby causing baby skin rash.

3. Do not rub on irritated skin

When the baby develops a rash, endure that you are not touching the skin where a rash is forming. Leave it free.

4. Clean your baby’s bottom gently

Do you know how to clean the baby’s bottom with water? Step one.  Clean your hands.  Use a soft cotton ball or baby wipe, and gently clean the rash-prone area in a single motion. Do not repeat too many times. Once is enough. Avoid touching the baby’s skin directly with your hands.

5. Coconut oil and aloe vera as home remedies for diaper rash

You can use alternate home remedies too.  Coconut oil works well with rashes, just the way our naanis advised. Recently, a lot of people are also using aloe vera. It can but tricky, so it’s best you use it only under the advice of a medical professional. Talk to your doctor. Aloe Vera is a great healer, but could give you baby a sniffle. Like I said, talk to your doctor. Every baby is unique, so what works for your friend’s baby may not work for yours.

6. Seek medical attention for dermatitis or other kinds of infections

Sometimes a rash can be a little more dangerous. Sensitive skin in babies can lead to dermatitis, which will require longer care. If you find it difficult to determine the nature of the diaper rash, do consult you doctor and check for infections such as dermatitis.

Baby wipes online and their uses:

It’s very important to use the right baby wipes for newborns. A number of different baby wipes online brands are available currently, but my personal preference is for the R for Rabbit baby wipes. Why? Because they are dreamy! They are the prefect combination of safety, gentle care, and effectiveness.

What makes The R for Rabbit baby wipes the best?

The R for Rabbit baby wipes are offered in two formats and packaging: 

1. The R for Rabbit Feather Pure Wipes

The R for Rabbit feather pure wipes are 100% biodegradable. They are made with pure RO water and completely free of chemicals. For mothers of babies prone to allergies (and we know a lot of babies are), good news for you. The R for Rabbit feather wipes are hypoallergenic and suitable for your baby.

R for Rabbit Wipes - Baby Wipes Online

2. The R for Rabbit Feather Aqua Wipes

 The R for Rabbit feather aqua wipes are made with grapeseed extracts and enriched with vitamin E. They are extremely gentle on your baby’s skin and for your baby’s rash. They are made with 98% fresh RO water that makes them soothing and cool to the skin.

R for Rabbit Wipes

Sounds dreamy, right? 

Look up the newly launched R for Rabbit baby wipes if you want to find the best option for the prevention of baby skin rash. It’s guaranteed to take care of your little one’s gentle skin, and keep them gurgling and laughing all day. 

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  1. I learnt about diaper rash the hard way when my son was small. R For Rabbit is a food brand and will surely help mothers deal with rash issues properly.

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  3. It must be really hard for babies as the skin is super sensitive. These are really good tips and the best thing is they are home remedies. And coconut oil is always a best solution.

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  7. Yes diaper rashes are common problem and many infants suffer from this. aloe vera gel and coconut oil has worked well for my girls, when they had diaper rashes. and of course, choosing a right brand wipes like R for rabbit is helpful in preventing the diaper rash.

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