Child to Boarding School 02

Five Reasons to Consider Sending Your Child to Boarding School

Boarding schools can provide an immersive, intellectually-challenging environment for students where teachers are not only educators but also friends, mentors, and life coaches.

A Career In IOT How A BCA Specialization Can Make It Possible 01

A Career In IOT – How A BCA Specialization Can Make It Possible!

It is an excellent career choice for students who want to pursue a career in computer programming, database management, hardware, and networks. 

Legos Are Educational for Your Child 01

5 Amazing Ways Legos Are Educational for Your Child

From helping our little one learn colors and counting, to ensuring toddlers improve their fine motor skills, LEGOs keep kids engaged as they grow.

things you should know before choosing b design course in india 01

Things You Should Know Before Choosing B Design Course in India

Creative students are pursuing B Design in large numbers because of two reasons – their interest lay in the creative field and the demand of professionals in the industry.

role good education plays in your childs future 01

Role Good Education Plays in Your Child’s Future

The idea of quality education is to give the child the knowledge and skills required to function in the society. Children must have a good education, so they can grow up to be a good and responsible citizen.

What You Should Do Before During and After 01

What You Should Do Before, During, and After the PTE Academic Test Day

Is your child or someone in your family signing up for the PTE Academic which is the first step to securing your chances to either study or live abroad?

Early Childhood Education 04

Importance of Early Childhood Education in Child Development

A child’s mind is not only a tabula rasa, but is also filled with a lot of curiosity to know and learn more. The importance of early childhood education ensures seamless brain development.

Tablet in town 04

A parent’s guide to the ‘it’ tablet in town

We all want our kid to be the best, to have that little edge over the other child and at the same time have fun learning new things too.

selecting a coaching institute for your child 02

5 Mistakes to avoid when selecting a coaching institute for your child

Even before the 10th board results are announced; students and parents start scrutinizing the available coaching institutes in their area.

mother to have a term insurance plan 02

Why it makes sense for a mother to have a term insurance plan

She is the embodiment of the many-handed Durga. In ages past, women stayed at home to take care of their family and children.

Teacher is the best role model 02

6 Beautiful reasons why a teacher is the best role model for your child

Even today, after so many years of passing out of school, I remember my teachers with fondness.

Ovulation period getting pregnant 01

Know your ovulation period – The easiest step to getting pregnant

It sure is! Motherhood is a beautiful journey. It is full of so much love, respect, selflessness, and responsibilities.

English vocabulary words 02

20 Must know English vocabulary words for a preschooler

“The first word I learned to say was ..” is usually a good ice breaking sentence when getting to know a person or it is something you converse over when sharing your childhood experiences.

Learning tools for kids 05

4 Reasons why CG Slate is one of the best learning tools for kids

ConveGenius, India’s leading Educational Technology Company, has launched a revolutionary, unique and innovative learning tool for kids

good personal hygiene 04

A mom’s guide to good personal hygiene

When we were at school, there were those secret sessions organized by the school healthcare authorities. Girls were called in and shown a video about the OMG (menstrual) cycle!!

Maths online 01

Have fun learning Maths online – You are just a click away!

How many mothers and fathers nearly start sweating on the idea of preparing their kids for an upcoming Math exam?

Flintobox – The ultimate king of kids subscription boxes

Last week, I received a box in my mail and as soon as I opened it, my boy came running towards what they call “Flintobox”.

Day care centers in Gurugram 05

Top 10 and reliable day care centers in Gurugram

One question that seems to bother us the very minute our baby hits the toddler and pre-school stage is – “How do I choose the best play school or a day care for my child?

Where to meet celebrities 06

Where to meet top Indian celebrities and their kids?

Just in case if you are wondering where to meet your favorite Indian celebrities, then here is the answer!

Deal with stress 08

Top 5 tips to help your child deal with exam stress

From seeking admission in the best possible school to getting good grades to choosing the right career path, parents and kids these days are under tremendous pressure.

I want my child to know 06

3 Shocking truths I want my child to know

Importance of telling the truth is an essential practice. Some of these truths may not be pleasant but I just want my child to know them anyway!

Teach your child how to read 07

5 Easy ways of how to teach your child to read

Reading is a good habit! But, how to teach your child to read? Well! The answer is really easy.

Do your homework 03

Parents! Kindly do your homework well

Parents also do homework? Indeed! Let’s find out what are they expected to do!

Story telling 06

5 Reasons why you should keep the art of storytelling alive

There is no turning away from the fact that kids today are born in an age of technology. It is but inevitable that they are growing up in an environment of tremendous opportunity and information.

How play toys impact growth and development of children

Nowadays in the era of technology where everything revolves around internet, video games and various electronic devices, it seems quite difficult to direct our children in the right direction.

Simple steps to teach kids 01

Simple steps to teach science experiments to your kids at home

Now science experiments for kids can be so much fun and easy to learn too! Here is an amazing YouTube channel packed with fun science experiments.

Smart kid 08

7 Smartest kids ever born in the history

Take a look at top 7 child prodigies who did well in music, art, maths and what not at a very young age! With SUPERIOR to VERYsuperior IQ level, these smart kids transformed the world with their work across fields!

Parenting quotes and sayings 08

Parenting quotes and sayings

TCT brings to you 7 beautiful parenting quotes and sayings. Take a look at them and tell us which one is your favorite!

A small letter to my son

A small letter to my son

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on December 3, 2014 Simply the smallest letter in the history of motherhood, read on to know what’s there in this small letter to my son ..