Creating The Perfect Online Classes Timetable For Your 4-12 Years Old

The pandemic changed the entire schooling experience for children and parents. As classes shifted to online mode indefinitely, classrooms got replaced by study rooms and the baton of supervision was passed on to parents. Naturally, the onus of making sure your child sticks to their study timings falls on parents. An online classes timetable in this case can become a handy tool. 

Supplementary education or outside-school help provided to children also became important during the pandemic. In some cases, they even had to make up for gaps created due to online classes offered by schools. What made these classes special was their availability at the click of a button. It meant your child could reach out for help at any time of the day. 

Online classes timetable:

Classover, is a Live Online Enrichment After School Program for 4-12 years old. They have 200+ certificated teachers and the class is $10/per class/55 mins. It aims to help parents to earn more time for themselves by exercising less time parenting. It offers 16 high-demand subjects that are guaranteed to improve your child’s capabilities seamlessly. This includes language classes like French and Mandarin, maths and logic, English speaking, coding, piano and others taught by certified teachers. However, with this flexibility of timing comes the need to have a timetable for students during online classes.

An online class timetable can help discipline your child and ensure attention is provided to each subject. How you make the timetable for online classes can also help review your child’s current academic standing. Here’s a look at how to make a timetable for online classes:

1. Group your subjects

The first step to creating an online classes timetable is to group the subjects you plan to insert in the table. Club them as book-based, activity-based and co-curricular. Book-based subjects will include science, mathematics, English, geography and others. You can even further divide them into logical and arts like science, mathematics, environment in the former and history, English, sociology in the later. Activity-based groups will include drawing, dancing, yoga, instruments etc. While co-curricular or additional subjects in the timetable for students during online class can include language, coding etc.

2. Divide your time

When creating your timetable for students in getting the full benefits of online classes, decide how much time you want to designate for supplementary courses . This can be spread in intervals through the day or be one chunk. To proceed, divide the decided study time into 3 further categories to include each group of subjects. The division need not be even as book-based subjects will demand more time than co-curricular or activity-subjects.

3. Prioritize subjects

Not all subjects need the same level of attention or time. This is why before you consider how to make a timetable for online classes, review your child’s strengths and weaknesses. If your child needs to devote more time to mathematics, then ensure more of it is repeated through the week. You can also do the same for subjects where he or she has backlogs and needs to cover lost time. This online classes time table hack is especially true for book-based subjects.

4. Arrange the time blocks

Once you have decided on the time slots for the online classes timetable, arrange them. Make sure every day has a mix of all the subject groups. The first slot of the timetable for students should be dedicated to intense learning. This can be followed by an activity your child enjoys and ending with an extra-curricular subject. Also remember to keep the timetable lighter towards the end of the week by balancing it with more time for fun activity subjects.

5. Keep it colourful

The online classes timetable you create will eventually be followed by your child. This makes it necessary for you to beautify it with colours, doodles and even stickers. Colour-code each subject group and maintain a colour palettes you make your timetable for students during class. Do it with your child and make it a fun activity. The effort they put in will also make them appreciate and respect the timetable better.

 After you have figured out how to make a timetable for online classes, don’t forget to review and update every 2 weeks. You can even do rotations in the online classes timetable to keep things interesting. The timetable for students during online classes will categorically space out their attention and prevent boredom. 

Sample timetable
Sample timetable

You can also turn to Classover to save money from high-enrichment class costs for your child. When you sign up using The Champa Tree’s referral code champaTR, you will get 2 free trial classes right away and 4 free credits when you become a member.

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  1. Very informative post. My son is going through virtual classes . But I am a bit worried about this screen time. Although I have set certain limits and set his routine as well.

  2. My daughters is doing virtual schooling now. Having a great schedule where screen time and learning are given focus. By making sure not to compromise the discipline of using gadgets and education is important.

  3. Online class timetable is something I got to hear for the first time. But what I found is that the concept is interesting not just for the kids but parents too.

  4. A well structured timetable is very helpful and with this shift in education to online platforms it’s importance is increased. This is really and innovative approach and the colorful timetable looks cute.I miss my school days.

  5. Yes this is right. I know about Creating The Perfect Online Classes Timetable for our 4-12 Years Old. I am glad you shared that. and well written article.

  6. In the situation that this coronavirus outbreak has put us in, setting a routine and following it becomes even more essential and challenging at the same time. A well-constructed timetable establishes a natural rhythm and routine. Thanks for sharing information on..classover. Informative article ✌.

  7. With the paradigm shift in education owing to the circumstances that the world finds itself in, new methodolgies need to be engineered, and innovative approaches explored. With online education the order of the day, it is so neccessary to have a systematic approach and creating an online classes timetable is the first step.