Three Reasons To Work On Kids’ Spelling Improvement

Learning a language is not only about speaking it fluently. It is about communicating in that language smoothly. Communication includes verbal and non-verbal mediums. Interaction through television or radio is considered verbal communication. Non-verbal communication includes interaction through messages, emojis, etc. Hence, spelling for kids is a significant part of non-verbal communication. When you work on computers, typing emails, articles, and blogs, a thought might have crossed your mind. What was the benefit of learning spellings in childhood? You might decide not to work on your kids’ spelling improvement. But there are many reasons to work on kids’ spelling improvement in this world of autocorrect. 

Kids spelling improvement

Why work on your kid’s spelling improvement – Three reasons:

Broadly there are three primary reasons to practice kids’ spelling improvement. They are:

  • Communication: It might look like spelling and communication are not connected in the technologically advanced world but this is not true. Spelling is a vital part of communication. 
  • Literacy: Literacy is a giant field that compromises various skills and one of them is spelling. Through working on kid’s spelling improvement, you promote literacy.
  • Employment: One of the main problems youth of the present world goes through is unemployment. There are many factors responsible for it. One of them is a lack of relevant skills in youth because excessive use of technology in every situation makes people dependent on it. 

These are the three basic needs for kids’ spelling improvement. Acquiring a real skill is second to none: and Real School will guide your kid through the path of skill development. Communication skills get better when kids engage with each other in a learning environment: which only can occur with real-life interactions, or with online programs like Real School Bootcamps. Each factor in detail is present in the subsequent sections.

Kids spelling improvement - Real School Bootcamps

Spelling as basic ability to communicate:

Communication and civilization

Communication is a building block of civilizations. Life without communication is impossible. You might not believe it, but your body will stop working without communication. The human body comprises a complicated network that sends electrical signals from sense organs to the brain. 

Life without communication?

Imagine how you will see things if your eyes stop sending the images in the form of electrical waves to the brain? Communication is continuously going on in the world. There are many ways in which you communicate. Body language, words, messages are different parts of communication. 

Introduction to spelling for kids:

In the initial days, kids communicate through gestures like crying, which means they are hungry. As they grow, they loosely start speaking in their regional language. Slowly, they begin attending school and learn English. Here spelling for kids becomes a crucial part of their academic syllabus. Active participation in the learning process ensures more engagement from the students. The project-based curriculum at Real School makes sure that each kid engages completely: throughout their learning curve.

In modern times a significant percentage of people, approximately 85%, are connected through online mediums. In which only 62% of people communicate through social media platforms. Undoubtedly there are many spelling checking software that corrects your spellings in no time. But it is not possible to first type a message, check it on the spelling checker, and then send it.

However, if kids practice spellings as early childhood education, they will write correct spellings without using any external software. A sentence with correct spelling, grammar, and engaging vocabulary is engaging. People will find it comfortable to talk to your kids. You might not realise it, but kids also feel confident if they are correct with spellings. 

It is a significant reason to work on your kids’ spelling improvement. And it is also important to start early. Parents can choose from a variety of ways for kids’ spelling improvement. Real School offers to develop a child’s communication skills through multitudes of engaging activities. At Real School, the course can also be customized based on the needs of your child.

Spelling and literacy 

The art of assembling letters to make meaningful words is not easy to do. It is a vital part of writing because kid confident with spelling remains confident in most fields of literacy. Hence, spelling is not only about writing correct spellings. It also includes understanding the relationship between words of the related origin. 

According to researchers, various elements of literacy like reading, comprehension, and writing are linked to each other. A kid with good spelling knowledge knows the alphabetical system. Thus, they will read better than other people. They will pronounce puzzling words. Their speaking skill will attract a lot of people. Hence, focus on spelling improvement for your kids.

Employment and spelling for kids

In the digital world, writing skill brings a lot of employment opportunities. The number of people earning through writing posts on digital platforms is rising exponentially. Undoubtedly, you can check spelling and grammatical errors on software but, your initial performance depends on your skills.

The employer might ask you to write a paragraph on something in front of them. You cannot use spelling checkers in that situation. If you write a paragraph with lots of incorrect spelling, the employers will get disappointed. Thus, you might lose the opportunity to get a job. If you work on your kid’s spelling improvement, this will not happen to them.


Kids’ spelling improvement should not be left ignored because it can affect the development process of kids. The overall literacy of kids also gets disturbed. Kids develop curiosity about language and spellings when exposed to online platforms like Real School. The best thing about virtual learning is the ease to learn from the comfort of home, and Real School offers exactly the same.  With good spelling, kids will become confident in communicating with colleagues, friends, classmates, and clients. Thus, kids’ spelling improvement will give a push to the overall development of kids.

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