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Maths! This subject shares a rather unusual relationship of ‘love and hate’ with most of our children. Some kids love maths, but many kids fear it, and these feelings develop at the initial age of 3yrs-8yrs. This age group is the foundation period of a child’s educational skills. 

I have faced this math love and hate relationship with my seven years old son After getting to know about the Creta app that has great resources to help kids improve their math skills and comprehension…We decided to give it a try. 

For someone like me who would avoid learning Maths as a child, it is actually amazing to know that my own son doesn’t feel that way. So, in our situation, what became imperative was to figure out ways of raising a child who already LOVES math (but his parents don’t). Our approach had to be revisited. Our own fears had to be overcome.

Counting from 1 to 10

For this son’s grandmother, the challenge was to convince her own daughter to open the book, leave alone solve math problems. Our goal this time was to ensure our son understood math (his fav subject) concepts with as much clarity as was the case with his love and zeal towards learning more about the subject. With ZERO pressure, of course! 

The more he enjoys numbers, and the more we could show our child how math is a part of our everyday life, the more questions shall be asked and his concepts will be clarified at every stage. We’re so blessed that we found the Creta Class App, an online maths class designed for the age group 3 years to 8 years to be doing that job for us!

Before my son entered primary school, he had a good time learning numbers, and alphabets. He would also do some DIY crafts. Now that he has entered primary school and because of Creta, he has understood some abstract mathematical concepts, makes his own problems revolving around addition, subtraction and even multiplication, effortlessly. This has been strengthening his confidence in math learning. Seeing that he has enjoyed the fun of learning from a very young age, nothing could make me much happier than that.

Online maths classes – What makes Creta Class one of the finest apps? 

This is an excellent class app that focuses on the foundation level of kids of 3yrs to 8yrs. It serves as an online maths class for kids and runs on AI programming. The curriculum is created from the courses in CBSE, ICSE, and CCSS affiliation making it easy for students to learn better. What’s amazing is this online maths class’s app has been rated 5-star by the  Educational App Store, and has won kidSAFEprogram seal, Mom’s Choice Award, and is also an Academic’s Choice Award Winner. 

Online Maths Classes for 3 to 8 years - Creta App

Reading about these awards built my trust in the Creta Class App and I immediately downloaded it. My son loves to watch cartoons, and the best feature about these online classes for math is the narrative video lessons with delightful animated characters. Not just my son, but kids his age have a short span of concentration. Keeping this in mind, the Creta Class app has created video lessons that are 15 minutes long for online maths classes for elementary students. These lesson videos are so interactive that my son is completely glued to them with full concentration. I have observed a change in his attitude towards maths, and now he upfront requests to do online classes for maths.

Why is it the best, user-friendly online maths classes for elementary students?

  • I found the online maths classes for kids very user and budget-friendly
  • You can download this Creta Class app on any phone/tablet as it supports software like android, iOS, and the official website
  • You can opt for the 99 INR trial pack to understand the online maths classes for kids before making in-app purchases
  • You also get the benefit of a refund based on the terms and conditions given by the brand
  • Every day, one 15-minute narrative animated video lesson is released followed by Quiz Time
  • Regular feedback is given about daily performance by mentors
  • Contact the mentor via WhatsApp or phone

What I loved the most about Crete Class app:

The feature I loved about the maths class app is the uniqueness of having a personal mentor who is an education specialist. I was provided with a mentor for my son who would give me feedback about my child’s progress and areas he was doing well in or needed improvement in. We could at any given point seek guidance on queries related to maths. Not only kids but this app are loved by most mothers as it has also bagged the mom’s choice award. 

Kids Approved Online Maths Classes - Creta App

As a mother of a 7 yrs old kid who has a crazy love for Math (but his mother doesn’t share the mutual love), I can confidently say Creta Class App is a mom’s choice class app which is also kids’ approved

We’re in love with the attractive animation lesson and the quiz time that follows. These quizzes have developed my child’s learning skills and made him more confident. Kids can solve them independently in online maths classes. Lessons that fall within my budget are available anytime online and offline. I have saved money on personal home tutors and managed my child’s learning schedule. 

Why Creta Class Online Maths Classes are beneficial to parents and kids:

Creta’s online maths classes are ads-free, so my son doesn’t feel disturbed during the sessions with obnoxious ads. With the Creta Class App, he has become an independent learner at a young age. While not a substitute for real-world lessons, this math app reinforces skills being taught in the classroom. Plus, I’m so sure that kids (just as my son) are in absolute love with the interactivity. 

In conclusion, I can say that my son has benefited much more than I could expect from the Creta Class online maths classes for kids. His overall academic performance in school has progressed, and even the school teacher is happy with his development. He has become bolder towards maths and now independently follows the online maths classes. As a parent, I have benefited from the Creta class app because it’s a mom’s preferred choice and fits very well in my budget

I strongly suggest moms to try this App for your kids. For only 99 INR, spending 15 mins a day, your kid can enjoy 10 lessons, one-on one mentoring for two weeks and obtain 20 quick-calculation skills! Simply enrol by clicking the link.

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