A better mom 01

I’m A Better Mom To Two Kids Than I Was To One

My first wobbly steps into motherhood taught me to trust my gut, and I am certain both my children will benefit from having a mother who does.

Only Need Me Time

Moms Don’t only Need ‘Me Time’ – They Need Help

So, do women really need just the ‘me time’ or they need ‘me time’ plus some help and support to be able to enjoy that so-called ‘me time’. Here are six reasons why just ‘me time’ alone is not enough.

a mean mom 01

I’m Proud To Be A ‘Mean Mom’ Because I Don’t Put Up With Any Crap

Some ‘me’ time is okay, even if you look mean. You are a flesh and blood being, and you also need to recharge your batteries. So if you have decided that particular time of the day is yours, and no one should disturb you then, including your little ones, it is perfectly alright.

Mother and Son Toxic Relationship 03

Mother and Son Toxic Relationship And Ways In Which It Can Cause Lifelong Damage

Socially and culturally boys are supposed to control their emotions. This curbing of emotions such as grief, pain, and failure is taught to them early on in life by their moms.

To The Woman At The School Who Shamed Me For Not Filming My Daughter Fast Enough 01

To The Woman At The School Who Shamed Me For Not Filming My Daughter Fast Enough

by Tasneem Dhinojwala This is to that woman at my daughter’s school who shamed me for not filming her fast enough, here is what you should know about me and several others like me Photographs are records of our past- memories stored in paper form as albums or as pixels in our smartphones, hard drives…

Am I A Bad Mum 01

Am I a Bad Mum?

Women and mothers have always been subjected to suffocating scrutiny, judgmental gazes, kitty party gossips and sometimes harsh treatment. How long must we succumb to these unfair deals? Why isn’t a father asked the very same questions that we are choked with?

Future Prime Minister 01

“Dear Future Prime Minister”, Letter From A Real Mom

But my dear Future Prime Minister, as a mother I have my own concerns and this is what I hope from you, irrespective of whichever political party you belong to. I do not care if you come from the right wing or the left wing.

Real Moms Story 47

Meet Ghazala Yasmin – A Real Mom’s Story on Guiltfree Parenting

I try to overcome my guilt by devoting quality time to kids over weekends, going out for movies and dinner or even a long drive for some street side food and ice-cream. 

Why Having Just One Child 01

Why Having Just One Child is OK

If your mind is in conflict, and you aren’t too sure how to convince yourself in favor or against the decision then read on. TCT spoke to a few parents and has listed down some of those reasons ONLY after talking to a lot many such parents as to why having just one child is OK!

popular moms 03

10 Famous And Popular Moms And Their Daughters

There are some mother-daughter duos we love to hear and talk about. They create a buzz wherever they go.

Mother Child Relationship 06

10 Insanely Simple Ways to Strengthen Mother Child Relationship

The journey of a mother and child relationship embarks from the day the embryo comes into existence. Even though this bond may be the strongest on earth, but here are some interesting 10 insanely simple ways which can further enhance and strengthen the association in a light and fun filled manner:

Life lessons I learnt from my child 01

3 Life lessons I learnt from my child

I knew everything there was to know about life, lessons it has to teach. I thought I had learnt all the life lessons, before I had my son. But a short while after my son Harshal turned one, I realized how little I knew about the word called ‘life’.

How to start a mommy blog 03

How to start a mom blog and make money

Get to know the tips about how to start a mommy blog and make money by writing what mothers love to read

hacks to make mom life easier 09

10 Amazing Hacks To Make Mom Life Easier

Parenting is not easy especially with hyperactive and high energy kids that we have to manage these days.

Calm yourself as a mother 09

Top 6 awesome ways to calm yourself as a mother

A smiling mom doesn’t mean she is happy and content. You never know what is happening within her. Raising a child is a right test of patience and perseverance.

baby took his first steps 02

The day my baby took his first steps – A mom’s story

When bringing up baby (and growing up as a parent), every first is a milestone.

letter to my daughter on her first birthday 02

A letter to my daughter on her first birthday

To my soon-to-be one-year-old daughter..

How qualified housewives are revolutionizing education 04

How qualified housewives are revolutionizing education industry through Planet Spark

One thing which I can say with certainty is that our parents have brought us up to great expectations. And for this, they have spared no expense.

Products I wish I had as a first-time mom 08

10 Awesome products I wish I had as a first-time mom

‘Sleep when your baby sleeps’, ‘Take lots of green vegetables’, ‘Do not lift heavy goods’ etc., are some of the common advises given to an expectant mother.

Activities to keep kids busy 02

Top 5 activities to keep kids busy when a parent falls sick

Falling sick is natural and inevitable. Just like us, all moms want to cover themselves under the comforting blankets and take a break from the daily chores of the house and not worry about her kid.

Real moms story 08

Meet Jaya Bhattacharji Rose – A real mom’s story on negotiating her way through parenting

Jaya Bhattacharji Rose, mother to a seven-year-old girl is an an international publishing consultant, and a full-time caregiver of a paralyzed mother-in-law.

Top 5 interesting ways of introducing your new baby to the older sibling 

It is indeed an overwhelming, exciting and beautiful feeling to be a mom for the second time, isn’t it?

letter to my future daughter 04

A letter to my future daughter

To my future daughter, my little darling, there are still a few weeks to go before I see you, but I had thought I’d write a quick letter to you.

Not all mothers are good cooks 03

Not all mothers are good cooks – And it’s not a big deal

Do I have to be a good cook, if I am a mom? Or I can be a good mom only if I cook well? As an 80’s kid and being brought up in a metropolitan city, I often wonder that.

Real moms story 05

Meet Aarti Singh – A real mom’s story on balanced parenting

Aarti K. Singh is a work-from-home mother and a research scholar (Yes! she dared to pursue a Ph.D. with a young child). They have a 9-year-old boy. She and her son and lives with her foster parents.

Healthy pregnancy 01

Healthy pregnancy and beyond – All that you should know

During the webinar on Himalaya Baby Care’s Facebook page, renowned consultant obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Hema Divakar addressed a lot of such issues and allayed most of the fears.

mom blogs 15

This is how mom blogs make a difference to a brand

The current year has seen a sudden spurt in the growth of social media apps. You can purchase household and grooming products, clothes and other stuff by sitting in the luxury of your home.

breastfeeding pictures 08

Top 15 powerful breastfeeding pictures of celebrity moms

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural processes of our lives. Yet there is such a taboo about doing it out in open.

maternity expenses 01

Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act: Is it Enough to Deal with Maternity Expenses?

Extension of maternity leaves has placed India in the league of wealthy nations who have some promising benefits for new mothers.

This is how mommy war starts 04

This is how mommy war starts

You might be wondering as to what is the relation between digital era and mom wars.