I Am a Mother – A Poem from A Woman Who Is A Wife and A Mother

Here is a short poem about a woman who is a wife and a mother. Yes! I am a mother and that’s what I answer when I am asked what do I do all day long…

I am a mother:

I am a mother

I am a woman, a wife, a mother, who goes through bad days.

I shout I scream, I cry! I take care of my house,

I cook and I work from home too…

I nurse my baby, massage him, bathe him, and put him to sleep by singing a sweet little lullaby every day.

I am in my pajamas all day long, I smell of milk. I have been going on like this for hours, days, weeks, months, probably has already been over a year. Who knows..

I pray I get scared, I worry for my family and I clean their mess. The mess of all sorts.

I am often asked what I really do…
I laugh it off and say…
I am just a woman, a wife, and a mother!

Author: Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Mom blogger, books lover, fan of new wave cinema, fond of jazz, lounge and classical music. Love to cook Indian & Italian cuisine.

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