Bid Adieu to Yet Another Year and Start Afresh (A New Mother’s Goal Plan)

When we bid adieu to yet another year and start afresh, I have decided to set a few goals for myself. As a new mother with a stressful year, having had to deal with a pretty bad pregnancy and little support, I have decided to leave the pre and postpartum blues behind. My baby is 8 months old now (yay!) and he is going through his own set of problems, such as teething and stuff. But, all said and done, I have decided to call it the beginning of a wonderful year for me and my little one.

Start Afresh

Here are my awesome goals. They are pretty much applicable to all the new and old mothers out there who may have gone through low phases at some point. Remember, it is never too late to ‘start afresh’.

#Goal 1 – Be more patient

Yes, no matter what, and irrespective of what’s your patience threshold point is, just learn to have patience. There are times when all you want to do is bang your head against the wall. For instance, baby not eating properly, spilled milk, maid goes absconding, so on and so forth. I know and it is very obvious to lose your cool, but, trust me, this one virtue is a great quality to have and to pass on. Don’t forget, the child is watching you!

So, this year I have decided to go beyond my threshold point, and here is hoping that you too shall get inspired!

#Goal 2 – Love life

Ever since I have gained consciousness, all that I can remember about myself is the fact that I have only worked hard. From academics to securing a great place at the work front to perfectly managing household chores. I mean, all that I have done so far in life is worked hard and harder. And, now that I am a mother, I am trying to be a super juggler.

House in order, laundry sorted, baby well-fed, kitchen chores all managed well. Huh!! Why all to be done today? Hell, I need some rest. Or don’t I? Maybe, I am scared to lose a place, or perhaps I haven’t been quite ready to let go. It has really been a long time since I have taken an afternoon nap or gone on a holiday to a destination I have wanted to explore. Basically, been a long time since I have switched off completely. This year is all about loving life and in return, expecting life to love me for all the hard work I have put it.

You deserve it as much as I do, so love life and let it hold you tight. But, for that, you got to let go first.

#Goal 3 – Give back to those who were there, no matter what

This is a good attitude you should have. I have been extremely thankful to a bunch of people who have known me, believed in me, and been there for me (especially when I needed a hell of support). Last year was one such year. I can’t thank my parents enough. They stood by me like a thick wall! I mean, that’s what parents are for. They were there to clean my pukes, cheer me up. I must say, they were doing all this without a pause (despite all the tantrums I would throw around, all thanks to the overactive pregnancy hormone).

I couldn’t have started this year without not thanking my sister-in-law who was particularly there for me on emotional grounds. She patiently reviewed my mood swings. Surprisingly, she knew how to help me come out of the worst pre-partum blues one can ever experience during pregnancy.

Last but not the least, my husband, for his endless support to start afresh. He has been there through thick and thin. This year, I plan to give back to these 4 people who played such a crucial role in my life of 2014.

I hope you too are able to identify ‘your most important people of 2014’. Do thank them in your own special way.

#Goal 4 – Take care of myself

Yes! I want to breathe some air, I want to go to a spa, I want to indulge in some beautiful things. I want to put on lipstick and step out and have fun with my girls. Well, I want to also pick up the dress I so wanted to flaunt. And, I want to put on all the weight I have lost. For some of you, it might probably be the other way around. But, all in all, I just want to spend some time, energy, and money on myself (for a change!!) I am not talking about blowing it all up for all the wrong reasons. But, ladies, we need to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of our little ones.

So, you got to feel good about yourself.

#Goal 5 – Get back in action

I love being a SAHM (Stay-at-home-mother) but I must admit that I do miss working. Having worked for a decade building media relations, servicing some of the best clients, preparing corporate plans, working overtime, chasing specialized goals! Not saying that I miss my professional life so much so that I sit and stalk all my working friends on Facebook.

On the contrary, I love staying at home, taking care of my baby. Having said that, I don’t want to waste my education and the years of hard work I’d put in to make things work. Most importantly, I don’t want to get so used to a very easy life. So, yes, hopefully when my son is nearing 2, we (I and Ace) might be in the position to have a peaceful discussion on the way forward. A decent daycare for our little one will also help him get out of my cocoon.

You might have a different thought of ‘getting back in action’. It might be as simple as joining a gym or a monthly get-together or perhaps attending bakery classes (which was on your list for so long but you didn’t find the time). Just, go for it woman! You should at least try and aim for it.

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  1. These are great goals and ones that I will definitely be thinking about this year.Thank you for sharing! Look forward to following you on your 2015 journey.