Top 4 Winter Gears For Babies – Keep Your Babies Warm This Winter

It’s that time of the year when mommies usually get paranoid and often ask other mommies, their mommies, grannies, and pediatricians around about how to keep their babies warm. I must admit that I am one of those sorts. Those who know me well are pretty well-versed with my habit of layering up and down from December to February. However, when it comes to little ones, we can’t take any risks, can we? Winter gears for babies are a must in our wardrobes.

4 Must-own winter gears for babies:

Winter gears for babies 01

First of all, it is very important to understand how to deal with extreme weather. In winters, keeping the baby warm and comfortable is the utmost priority when dressing them up. Whether it is a stroll around the block or attending an evening get-together, here are TCT’s top 4 picks to keep your baby cozy without piling on layers of thermals and blankets!

1. Quilted baby romper

A popular choice with moms and babies, woolen/ quilted rompers are not just comfortable but also very cute. However, do make sure to add a cotton layer underneath. How? A cotton tee and lowers. Besides, NEVER put your baby to sleep in them. It can be squeamish for your little one.

Winter gears for babies 02

2. Woolen cap, socks, and mittens

CT suggests a soft woolen cap (that shields the wears), super soft woolen gloves or mittens, and a pair of woolen socks. But do NOT have the baby wear them all together, especially indoors (unless it’s snowing outside and your house is freezing and the baby is cold and sneezing with a blocked nose and everything around you has frozen!!) The logic behind not having both on is that it can cause suffocation, the body temperature may rise to cause your baby to become squirmy and we don’t want that. Do we?

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Oh! And, these winter wear accessories need to fit the baby well. Not too tight for sure. Slightly loose is still fine. Can be dealt with.

3. Winter coat/ jacket

You can opt for a smart fleece for your brats or lovely overcoats for the divas. Full zips, quilted jackets, pullovers, hoodie jumpers, whatever is convenient with your LO, just stock enough of these. Make sure to have at least 3-to-4 winter top layers. Make sure to keep one and always in the diaper/change bag for last-minute emergency travel. 

Winter gears for babies 04

4. Woolen blanket

Indoor and outdoor. You can also go for a wearable blanket or a sack. Even buntings are pretty good but if the baby has surpassed the stage of staying still without moving his/her hands and arms around then I would say don’t put your money on it. TCT also suggests not layering up the baby with everything woolen. The woolen blanket is particularly helpful outdoors and for creating a cozy sleep environment.

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