Cough Cure Remedies for Babies & Kids – 6 Magical natural home remedies

Check out 6 wonderful and natural home remedies to cure your baby’s cough and cold. These are suitable for grown-ups too!

Whether one is outside or inside, the winter chills are bound to make you feel unwell. And if adults can develop symptoms for cough and cold, then how can kids be spared? It isn’t about whether you stepped out or were home-bound, winters have their way around to attack your body system irrespective. Even if one family member has been exposed to the virus, chances are that it goes around in the family. And if your toddler or a kid goes to a pre-school/school, then he or she will obviously catch it. This is because at this time of the year, a lot of winter viruses are doing the rounds. Cold air is particularly not good for newborns and toddlers. They can’t really tell if their nose is blocked or the throat is dry, sore or hurting. A baby with cough and cold should be treated properly. Although, it is highly recommended that if the baby has caught cough and cold, one must consult the pediatrician, however, there are certain age old home remedies for sore throat that can also cure minor cough and cold. home remedies to cure cough and cold 01

Usually, cold takes its own time. Yes! It indeed is the bigger evil. Typically, one must offer lot of fluids to the baby. Besides, cleaning nose on regular basis also helps a lot. My experience and a lot of research suggests that cold usually runs its course in 7 to 10 days. At best, some medicines will relieve symptoms. 

Moreover, studies show that cooler air can worsen the existing cough. So when the temperature falls after dark, it is advised to stay indoor. 

So, now the question is, how to cure persistent cough naturally, without having to depend on syrups which can lead to drowsiness in babies, either making them hyperactive or eventually making them feel knocked-out? Well, here are a few sore throat home remedies to cure cough and cold at home.

Take a look at the most effective (tried and tested) home remedies that I totally trust. These are my special health remedies for winter holidays.

1. Honey and ginger: This is a magical potion. I didn’t introduce honey to my little one before he turned 14 months old, so this home remedy is ideal for babies above 1 year. All, you have to do is squeeze in some ginger juice (manually squeeze it from a fresh, peeled ginger pod) into a tbsp of natural/organic honey. You can add a few drops of warm water and a tiny little bit of lemon juice but it’s purely optional. The thing is that ginger thins out the mucus and so is effective as a throat-reliever. It also treats blocked nose and persistent dry cough. While, honey with it’s natural medicinal values (antibacterial and anti-fungal properties), helps treat constant cough in a most systematic way. You can also add half a tbsp of honey in the milk and give it twice a day to your baby/child (above 1 year of age).home remedies to cure cough and cold 02

2. Camphor Oil Diffuser: Camphor oil is an effective stimulant, which boosts the activity of the circulatory system, metabolism, digestion, secretion and excretion. Ideal for a blocked nose. Purchase mild camphor tablets or natural camphor oil from the market. Also, buy a diffuser. During peak winters, light up a tealight in the diffuser and instead of a fragrance oil, insert a mild tablet of camphor or a few drops of camphor oil (in water). Place it inside your house/room. Your space will smell heavenly and it will keep infections at bay. You can also try out another remedy using coconut oil. All you have to do is add a pinch of powdered camphor (for which you will have to heat the tablets) in it. After it has cooled, pour 3 to 4 drops to your palm and apply it evenly over the chest of your little one. Some babies/kids can be allergic to camphor’s smell, so kindly try with a very very little amount at first. It may irritate the baby skin as well, so again, don’t go all out with this remedy!home remedies to cure cough and cold 03

3. Garlic Necklace: What the hell is that? Wondering! Well, cold-flu is a vampire in disguise! See, garlic anyway is a super food! Highly nutritious and low on calories, it combats sickness and boosts the immune system. One must religiously use it in daily cooking. But, there is another use of garlic. A stylish neck accessory for your little one. Just kidding! To keep stuffy nose at bay, peel the skin of 2-3 garlic pods. Now using a soft needle, insert these pods in a kids-friendly thread. Tie it (loosely) around your baby’s neck. This is a magical natural remedy to cure cold! If it suits your baby, then you can make a fresh one after a few days.home remedies to cure cough and cold 044. Saline Drops: This one is not just a hit with my baby but seems to work really well with the hubby as well. Saline drops (these are available in the market and you can also make one at home) are amazing. Just put 2-3 drops in each nostril and let the baby stay in the tilted head position for a minute after the application. After sometime, clean the nose with the nose cleaner. Try doing this on regular basis for a clean and clear nose. Isn’t this an easy way to say goodbye to stuffiness and blockage!home remedies to cure cough and cold 05

5. Vicks Vapourub: OK! So, I haven’t ever tried this one. Then why do I suggest this? Well, it’s because 45 out of 50 mothers have recommended this to me. They all seem to be super happy with this one home remedy. It is one of the best home remedies to relieve cough and cold. My mother says she used to rub it on my feet and leave the socks on during the night time (that’s when we babies tend to sleep for a longer duration). Having said that, you can also apply it on chest and throat. Just ensure that the area where you have applied it does not get exposed to air.home remedies to cure cough and cold 06

6. Humidifier: Humidity acts as a natural moisturizing agent that can relieve dryness. For this reason, humidifiers are often used for relieving cough and cold in little ones. A humidifier can be kept at a corner of the room to make babies feel comfortable. A word of caution: try to keep them away from your baby’s reach.home remedies to cure cough and cold 07

I am not a sort of person who would go about telling you how to take care of a baby, but because I talk a lot to fellow mothers, doctors and try out remedies on myself (and my little one), therefore, you can trust me! 🙂

So, this winter, follow these healthy easy recipes to maintain A-class kids health. And celebrate the season with your healthy baby and an equally healthy family!

Disclaimer: Please consult your children’s doctor if the symptoms persist. Also, please DO NOT try all the remedies at a time. Each kid is unique and different from the other, so the remedy that suits one child, might not be suitable for the other one. Be careful (and consult the pediatrician) while trying out these remedies at home.



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