Looking For A Grooming Baby Kit For Newborn? We Got You Covered!

When you are a new parent, you have the excitement of welcoming a baby at home. Be it a bottle warmer, feeding pillow, or a baby care kit, you want to give the best to your world. The only challenge that comes with parenthood is where to start from. Here, getting a baby care kit is the best way to start your parenthood journey. If you are a new parent looking for a grooming baby kit for a newborn, you can find several options in the market, and it is exciting to know which one you should choose for your little one. A baby care kit is an essential accessory that includes the basics like a toothbrush for babies, a nail cutter for babies, a comb, a nose cleaner, and more. 

A grooming kit for babies is a MUST have for new parents. It makes it easier for those who are always travelling and find it difficult to remember items the baby needs.

baby care kit for newborn

Baby kits for newborn:

Following is a list of the best baby care kits for a newborn made with safety concerns and are easy to use:

1. Stylo All in One Grooming Kit

Stylo All in One Grooming Kit is safe for baby’s use and is perfect for kids of 0-3 years. It contains a baby toothbrush that helps for a relieved teething process.

Baby Grooming Kit
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The baby comb in the pack detangles the baby’s hair smoothly. Furthermore, it has round head scissors with non-slip handles and curved edges designed to clearly see the baby’s nail to prevent injury. What’s amazing is you get all these accessories in a pack worth 1139/-.

2. Stylo Hair & Nail Care Set

This cute baby grooming set contains a comb, nail cutter, and hairbrush. This newborn baby kit gives a perfect salon grooming experience anywhere and anytime.

Baby Hair and Nail Care Kit
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The hairbrush in the set is very soft and also massages the baby’s soft scalp. It also contains a Nail Cutter with a 4X magnifier and helps you see the baby’s nail closely. Stylo Hair and Nail Care Set is available in pink and blue and can be purchased at 429/-. 

3. Stylo Toothcare Set

This tooth care set contains a baby toothbrush for 1 year old who is going through the teething phase. Moreover, the toothbrush is soft on their gums and helps in relieving the teething process.

Baby Tooth Care Kit
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The Gum stimulator is designed for babies’ gum to clean them smoothly without any pain and can be used for babies over 3 months. This whole kit is made of BPA -free material and is safe for baby’s usage. 

4. Stylo Nail Care Set

Baby Nail Care Kit
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Comes with a special price of 429/-, this Stylo Nail Care Set contains a comb, nail cutter for babies, and hairbrush. If you want to give your baby an amazingly perfect grooming experience, then undoubtedly go for the Stylo Nail Care baby grooming set. 

5. Farling Comb and Brush Grooming Set

This amazing baby kit for a newborn is designed specifically for newborn hair and tender scalp. This kit is suitable for 3-18 months old babies and can be washed with a mild detergent and warm water. 

Farling Comb and Brush Grooming Set
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6. SYGA Baby, Infant and Toddler Blue Grooming Kit with Scissors

This baby grooming set from SYGA is the most standard newborn baby kit made from safe materials. The tools in the kit are packed in a beautiful case in a designer box. It contains nail clippers that are designed with handles to allow for perfect movement around fingers and toes making the nail cutting process pain-free.

SYGA Baby, Infant and Toddler Blue Grooming Kit with Scissors
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7. BabyHug Easy Grip Hair Brush and Comb Set

BabyHug brush comes with nylon bristles and gently removes the tangles in the hair. Furthermore, it has a comb with blunt edges so that it doesn’t give pain to the baby’s scalp.

Babyhug hair brush
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The products are compiled with EN71 Safety standards. The company always looks for innovations in newborn baby kits and delivers what parents are looking for. Their product ranges from baby nail cutter kits to baby grooming sets. 

Take away thoughts:

Ranging from baby nail cutter kit to baby grooming set, these accessories come in handy and are useful for kids of age 0-3 years. 

Next time, when you look for a grooming baby kit for a newborn, visit R for Rabbit to find grooming products that are reliable and durable. 

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  1. We welcomed our baby niece only two months ago and I understand how important these baby grooming tools are. Thank you for our recommendation. I am bookmarking this.

  2. Great article! I’d like to highlight though to get a great pair of normal nail clippers. This would last longer than those baby nail file. I’ve been using the same tommee tippee nail clipper that came with a set that we bought when my eldest daughter was born. All the others that came with the set unfortunately didn’t make it to today but those clippers I must say is a winner! my girls are not 7 and 8 years old and I guess it would still last them until they wouldn’t need me to cut their nails for them..haha..

  3. Wow, this is something really unique. I heard about these grooming kits for the first time. Would share this with other moms too. Great one. Thankyou for this.

  4. R for Rabbit Is one of the trusted and best kids product brand. I want to thank you for sharing so much in detail about the products that are offered by this brand.

  5. This is an informative article… Indeed, these baby grooming kits are a must-have for new parents, and I believe they will make excellent gift ideas for new parents as well.
    Anjali Tripathi

  6. Grooming kits for babies is really convenient and more so when you are traveling. It is nice to have everything organized and in one place from hairbrush to nail cutter.