The journey of parenthood – How to overcome the challenges?

Here is a one-stop shop, a source of authentic information when beginning the beautiful journey of parenthood!

Congratulations on being a parent. Your life has changed forever. And in this new life you will need a new set of trusted friends who can be with you when you need them. Parents like you who can share with you what challenges they faced and how they overcame those challenges.The journey of parenthood 01 

But where to find these friends?

Babygogo is a good place to find friends for this wonderful journey. It is a community of parents who want to give the best to their children. But they know that with best intentions they also need to have the right knowledge on raising a healthy and happy child. The journey of parenthood 02
Becoming a parent brings happiness but it also brings a lots of questions. And with so many new responsibilities, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right answers. Babygogo is trying to solve this problem with help of technology so that right information about child health care can be provided to parents at the time when they need it most.

Parents are full of questions:

Till now more than 60 thousand questions have been asked by parents in Babygogo and around 1.75 lakh answers have been written. This includes answers from fellow parents who are on the same journey as well as expert doctors. The journey of parenthood 03On Babygogo app, parents can ask questions on all important aspects, be it post-pregnancy complications, childbirth, breastfeeding, childcare, vaccinations etc. and receive answers and information right away. You can also read articles and watch videos curated by experts on various subjects like child psychology, food recipes, home remedies, potty training, baby nutrition and anything else about newborn and baby development.
The mobile app enables parents to interact with other parents and health experts for their child related queries. If shortlisting a good pediatrician or looking for a medical advice, you can visit the platform.
Their team regularly monitors popularly asked questions, tailoring published content with topics related to the benefit of moms and their babies. 16,000 moms also contribute content to their app in the form of questions asked, answers given and sharing stories on parenthood within the app.
So next time you face a baby care related doubt, ask your question in this utile Babygogo app than racking your brain on google. 

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