7 Excellent home remedies for skin burns in children

Take a look at 7 excellent remedies to treat skin burns in babies and children!

At one point or another, every parent would have asked the most dangerous question to themselves- “What do I do if my baby gets burned?” 

Well, this summer, we too were in a similar situation. One fine evening, Brat H decided to fix the bulb of our bedside lamp. Yes! We made a mistake of keeping it on and our little one was happy to not just explore Edison’s invention but he decided to secretly offer some help too! And there goes a loud squeal.Remedies for burns 01

Result = Three burnt fingers (right hand palm); Blisters and white, leathery skin = Second degree skin burn = Panic

At that point I realized that with children (especially babies), a burn could most often be of a second to say third degree. You see, the little ones can accidentally place their hands, feet or any other part of their body almost anywhere. Find out what kind of household objects should be kept away from toddlers and infants.

Thankfully, the timely treatment helped in the speedy recovery. We tried some of the best skin burn remedies. Once, Brat H’s skin healed, we backed it up with regular baby skin care tips. I am listing down a few remedies for burned skin in children. One of them is actually an excellent skin burn home remedy. 

1. Cold Water: Immediately run cool water on the burnt patch for several minutes. It helps lower the temperature of the skin. however, it is suggested that you avoid exposing the burnt area to ice-cold water, which will hurt and can decrease blood flow to the area.Remedies for burns 02

2. Aloe Vera: Apply an Aloe Vera gel to ease pain and cover the area with a sterilized damp gauze pad. Aloe stops pain and inflammation. It also helps in reduce swelling, and stimulates skin repair. Remedies for burns 03

3. Toothpaste: Apply a thin layer of mint toothpaste. First, run the burnt area under cold water, then gently dab a paper towel for drying purposes. Then cover with a layer of the toothpaste.Remedies for burns 04

4. Silverex cream: Apply Silverex cream on the burnt patch twice to thrice a day for a few days. Consult the children doctor for the same. Silverex cream is used for treating as well as preventing infection caused by acute burns.Remedies for burns 055. Tea bags: This one home remedy is for minor skin burns. Black tea contains Tannic Acid, which takes heat out from the burns, this in a way soothes the pain. Treat the burnt area by placing a couple of cool (refrigerate for 30 minutes), wet black tea bags on it.Remedies for burns 06

6. Coconut OilCoconut oil is an excellent source for healing the skin. Virgin coconut oil also contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This helps in protecting the recently healed skin from getting any sorts of infection. Adding a few drops of lemon juice to the coconut oil helps in lightning the mark that is left behind by the burn. Remedies for burns 07

7. Milk: The fat and protein of milk soothes burns and helps in proper healing. Soak the burn in cold milk for 15 minutes for immediate relief. Remedies for burns 08

Last but not the least, please call the pediatrician if:

1. The burn covers a large area

2. Is on the face, hands, feet, or genitals,

3. The burn starts to blister (a serious condition)




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