Top 4 Tips On How To Clean Baby Bottles

It is very important to take care of the general hygiene of the baby. Their immune system is not as well developed as in the case of adults. That’s why, it becomes even more important to make sure that we keep our little ones away from dirt, dust, and viruses. Of course, it is not possible to monitor each and everything, however, one of the most important aspects of a baby’s hygiene is to offer milk and water in a properly washed feeding bottle. Food poisoning should be avoided at any cost. Since newborns and infants are at an increased risk for food poisoning, learning the basics of baby bottle safety is important to keep your little one protected. Today, we bring to you 4 tips on how to clean your baby’s feeding bottle. 

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How to clean baby bottles – 4 Simple tips:

1. Know the bottle parts

A typical baby bottle has 4 to 5 parts. A soft silicone nipple, standard and transparent BPA free-bottle, one cap ring, one sealing disc (optional), and the nipple cover. Always remember to wash all these parts separately. How to clean baby bottles 02

2. Warm-up

One of the best ones’ coming from our mumms when asked, “How to clean your baby bottles?” “Always use hot, soapy water, beta.” Rinse the bottles and all their attachments with the kid’s dish-wash detergent/ liquid. Once you have rinsed the bottles, now fill the sink with hot water, and put in a drop or two of mild dish detergent. You can then allow everything to soak in the soapy water for a bit. Alternatively, you can just keep the bottle and its parts soaked in a big utensil (properly washed) with a few drops of the dish-wash.

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3. Bottlebrush handy?

Now, take out the bottle and its parts from the sink/ utensil and properly wash it with a good quality bottle brush. This allows you to get inside the bottle for a thorough cleaning. Unlike a sponge, the brush won’t be used to clean anything else but the baby’s bottles. Also, remember to wash the bottle brush with warm water. Regularly replace the bottle brush.

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4. Sterilize or boil

Back this up by sterilizing once. You can opt for an electric steam sterilizer or sterilize the bottle, nipple, ring, etc. by placing them in a big utensil with boiled water.

How to clean baby bottles 05Wondering how to sterlize baby bottles? Click here!

4 Other tips on how to clean baby bottles:

1. If you have a dishwasher: Rinse out the bottles and put them on the top rack of the dishwasher, with nipples and any other small attachments placed in a basket.

2. Before the very first use, sterilizing baby feeding bottles in boiling water for upto 5 minutes is a good practice.

3. Use sanitized tongs to remove bottles, nipples, and other utensils after they have been sterilized/ boiled.

4. While handling your baby his/her feeding bottle, always wash your hands thoroughly with hot, soapy water.

Top recommendations:

1. Kids dish-wash detergent/liquid: Farlin Natural Baby Feeding Bottle Wash; Pigeon Liquid Cleanser for Nursing Products

2. Baby bottle brush: Pigeon Nylon Bottle and Nipple Brush; Phillips AVENT Bottle and Teat Brush

3. Sterilizer: Philips AVENT 3-In-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer; Tommee Tippeee Microwave Sterilizer

For a healthy and active baby, make sure that their feeding bottle looks equally healthy 🙂

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Information source: Eat Right.Org & Parents.Com

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