Eight gross things no one tells you about motherhood

There are lots and lots of thing no one really tells you about motherhood (especially the nasty things)! Let’s take a sneak peek in a REAL mom’s life!

We dream all sorts of dreams. Mine have been always pretty lucid. But when I began to expect a child, these dreams became pretty elaborate. I would constantly dream of becoming a mother – of the sweet joy of holding the little bundle in my arms, swaddling the baby to sleep and feeding him with my love. Dreams that could’ve been adapted into one 3-hour long movie!No one tells you about motherhood 01

Little did I know the fate that awaited these dreams. They were crushed under piles and piles of filthy diapers, wretched, sleepless nights and arguments with oneself over what to feed the baby and when.

I had only two constant companions: Mr Confusion and Mr Paranoia.

The bottom-line, folks, is this: motherhood is probably overrated and too damn gross.

Don’t get me wrong! I mean yes, it is beautiful and I’d take his most disgusting antics anytime over the point in my life when I didn’t know him…. But babies can be gross – and here are 8 gross things (Real Facts of Life) that no one told me about motherhood..Continue reading





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3 thoughts on “Eight gross things no one tells you about motherhood”

  1. Hahaha.. Oh that made me giggle! If I may add one: Watching your toddler eating something and then sharing it with the dog (who either licks it or chews on it) and then continuing eating it…