My Hand Full Of Summer Joy

Life after having a baby changes completely. A handful of summers became my hand full of summer joy. Read on to experience the life of a new mom life after having a baby.

The surprises for a new mom:

Life before and after motherhood entails two different journeys. No one warned me enough during pregnancy. Hence, I really never knew what “busyness” was till I had Brat H in my arms. Till the summers before 2014, my definition of joy was completely different. I never forgot to update my music and movie library. Any amount of books could not satisfy me and I also could not move fast on the one I was reading last spring. But now summers, represent an unprecedented tale of joy – that of a new mom.

My hand full of summer joy for new mom

The flowers began to blossom but my handful of summer joys started to dry up because I don’t have any time to visit the florist. But, then I ask myself –“Can this replace my biggest summer joy?” My baby’s birth coincides with my favourite summers.

So what if I change diapers all day long! The poopy and burpy smell of an infant who is going through terrible teething blues replaces the beautiful fragrance of those freshly cut chrysanthemums. What if my house doesn’t sound like jazz anymore? But I do invite you over for some crazy rhyme time with us! What if my favourite beverage these days is ginger ale? Yes! sleep is like a distant dream?

My summer joy:

I have to arrange meals three times a day. I feed Brat H and do not give up each time he decides to turn away from it all. The bed needs a fix and my morning cup of tea rests in the microwave. I heated it thrice before gulping down my throat, cold. So what if the laundry needs to be done and the dishes are sitting in the sink, so what if the dusty glass top and the froth that accumulates on the bath cubicle stays there for a while? I would rather forget the mess because the questions are never-ending and pertain to only one answer – My happiness.

I don’t quite know how long it will take before I sort everything. Sometimes I remember I have to update my music library and finish that book I left in between are long pending. But for now, I am in love with such a splendid experience as a new mom. I love the business of cleaning poops and changing diapers. All in all, I am in love with my Lil summer joy and yes, life changes after having a baby! But no one told me enough about how beautiful it gets thereafter.

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