Top 17 Newborn Baby Summer Clothes

Is your little one a summer baby? Have you just delivered? I mean, at the onset of the Indian summer months? Well! If yes, then this post is extremely useful for you. Brat H came out on 5th May last year and the biggest concern for us was to ensure that our baby felt comfortable in his clothes. Dressing your newborn during the summer months requires a lot more care. The concept of baby fashion and ‘formal wear’/casual wear’ doesn’t really exist much at this stage! Rising temperature and exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can result in overheating and skin damage. The key to keeping your baby healthy, happy and safe during the summer months is by maintaining a balance between coverage and cool clothing. Avoid too many layers of clothing or warm clothing as it can result in overheating.

The best summer clothing items for your newborn baby should include:

TCT brings to you a few ideas on summer wear clothes and clothing items while shopping for the newborn baby! So, get inspired to shop right for your little one!

1. Cotton onesie

This easy to wear and loose-fitting t-shirt fastens between the legs to keep it in place. It comes in various style options as per your requirement. You can also use this as the first layer of clothing too.

2. Shorts/Skirt/Pants:

If you are planning to go outdoors, you can dress your baby in shorts, skirt or pants. You can combine this over the cotton onesie for a quick mini makeover. If it’s too humid or extremely hot, it is better to wear a short bottom-wear as it allows the baby’s legs to stay cooler.

3. Long sleeved shirt/t-shirt or sleeper:

As opposed to the hot weather outside, your newborn can feel cold in an air-conditioned room of your house. To make your baby feel comfortable, add a layer of clothing such as a long-sleeved shirt, t-shirt or a sleeper. If your baby’s hands and feet feel cold then you can add on a semi-warm jacket and cover the feet with socks.

4. Pajamas or heavy sleepers: You can dress your newborn in heavier pyjamas or a sleeper if the temperature of your room is cold. On the other hand, if your home stays warmer during the summer month then choose light pyjamas or sleepers.

While shopping for summer clothes for your newborn, it is recommended that you opt for breathable and soft cotton fabrics. Keep a variety of clothes in your diaper bag. A piece of advice here, to carry extra clothing which is semi-warm as newborns are sensitive to temperature changes and might fall sick. Also, pick clothes in light colours to help them feel summery-cool. Besides, do make sure that you have a summer cap/hat in place. The head circumference might not allow you to shop for the accurate size, however, minor alterations done at home can ensure your baby’s head stays protected in the summer months.

Check out the following essential summer clothing items for your newborn. Now, celebrate this season with an ultra-cool smile, baby’s gurgles and laughter!

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      1. Oh they are so much older… I like Roxy stuff for my daughter. It’s sporty and still nice. My son chooses himself. Usually cool shorts and pretty nice t-shirts in summer…