Did You Know Facts – American Newborn Babies

The Champa Tree has always been keen on sharing trivia with our readers. Some of the information something that you would never be able to believe.  One such trivia about the American Newborn Babies would drop your jaw as it seems far fetched.

Did You Know Facts #21 – American Newborn Babies

There have been numerous Indian gender prediction calendar, Chinese gender prediction calendar, the Mayan calendar and much more. Anticipations are sky high and you might love to try every method that enables you to guess tiny details about your child. But have you ever thought of a particular time of the year when more babies are born? As much imaginative it seems, it is a reality. Yes! Let’s see what is the surprising fact about American newborn babies.

Did You Know Facts - American newborn babies

In the United States, more babies are born in late summer and early fall than in other times of the year. February tends to be the month when the least babies are born.

Have you ever heard of this fun fact? It is unable to decode the secret behind the huge number of American Newborn babies in late summer. Moreover, February being the month with the least baby birth implies that the winter season is the time when lesser babies are born. More than the month when the kids are born, this strange coincidence could be attributed to the time when the mother conceived. This could be a coincidence or there could be an explanation for all this. Whatever the reason be, it is an undeniable fact that has been observed as a pattern. Thus it could be stated on the other hand that more conception happens during the winter.  Do you know about any time of the year when more Indian babies are born? If so, share them in the comments below.   For more strange facts about babies, check out our Did You Know Facts Series.

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