Baby shower games to play

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on August 23, 2015

TCT has compiled a list of fun activities and games to play at your baby shower. Expecting parents, take a look at 4 exciting games and 2 awesome activities that are easy-to-organize and are so exciting.

Hosting a baby shower event can be a fun filled and memorable experience for the expecting parents. There are so many options to choose from. A themed party décor to group activities and games, there are several fun-packed mini events that can be organized at a baby shower. To keep the guests entertained, TCT has compiled a list of some of the best and easy-to-organize baby shower games and activities.

Baby Shower Games to Play 01

Game 1: Match the Baby Socks Game

Things required: 15-20 pairs of baby socks and a stopwatch

How to play: Arrange as many pairs of baby socks as you can with the help of family and friends. Mix all the socks in a basket and divide the guests into two teams. The team that matches the most number of baby socks in one minute will win the game.

Baby Shower Games to Play 02

Game 2: Guess the Baby Item Game

Things required: 10-15 baby items (baby products, socks, small toys etc.), 10-15 paper bags, sheets of paper and pens to write answers

How to play: Put each baby item in a paper bag and seal the bag properly. Number all the bags from 10 to 15. Now, make all the guests sit at one place and hand over each one of them a sheet of paper and a pen. One by one, pass the numbered paper bags to the guests so that they can guess the item without opening them. Once all the answers have been written, open the sealed bags to match the answers. The one with maximum correct answers will win the game.

Baby Shower Games to Play 05Game 3: Drink from the Bottle Race

Things required: Baby bottles for participants and any drink

How to play: Make your guests sit a circle and hand each of them a baby bottle filled with any drink such as juice, milk, soda or water. The one who finishes the drink fastest will win the game.

Baby Shower Games to Play 04

Game 4: Truth and Dare

Things required: 1 baby bottle

How to play: Make your guests sit in a circle and spin the baby bottle to decide the turn. Guests can ask funny questions from each other and can ‘dare’ the other person to do silly things.

Activity 1: Scrap Book

Things required: pens and note cards

How to do: In addition to the fun games, you can also include some activities to make the event more special and memorable. Put together a scrapbook with the help of your guests which will serve as a beautiful memory for you later on. To start, make all your guests write messages and tips on the note cards. This can include their own memories of motherhood and things that they want you to do during the baby’s first year. Collect all the note cards and paste them in the scrapbook along with pictures for a beautiful scrapbook.

Baby Shower Games to Play 03Activity 2: Lucky Draw: 

Randomly distribute prizes to your guests by using scratch cards and tickets. This surprise will keep the guests enthusiastic during the baby shower event.

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