7 Things Children Should Explore In Life

My precious one, as you mature, endeavor to explore the world to its fullest extent! Remember the wisdom about life imparted by your mother. Seek out these 7 precious elements in life. Undoubtedly, every parent hopes their child will discover greater meaning and purpose in life!

Things to explore – For parents and children:

You would want your child to experience all these, wouldn’t you? Let them explore and expand their vision of life.

1. Travel in search of knowledge, love, and wisdom

Camp with your father, with your crazy friends. Walk on the crisp leaves and let them rattle.

Things to Explore

2. Taste your sweat and that of genuine hard work

Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it.

3. Read as much as you can

Read about happiness, sorrow, and everything around the world. Your room should smell of books and great literature. Just when you have read it all. Read about us.

7 Things every parent wants their child to explore 03

4. Laugh like your father

Sing like him and spread it around like the feathers of a peacock dancing in the rain.

7 Things every parent wants their child to explore 02

5. Love yourself and love the woman you spend your time with

Fall in love, break her heart and get back to her again. That’s how you will understand the meaning of love. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t, but be sure to wish her birthday as the years go by. Who knows, you might get back together one day.

Things to explore

6. Lose yourself to eternity, explore the depth of your own emotions

Express your needs and shout out loud if you want to. Lose yourself to hope, joys, the reverie of happiness. Explore it all. Have no regrets.

7. Savor your first kiss and be sure to never forget it

Acquire a taste for the adventure called life.

My precious little one, explore! For that’s the most important thing I would like to teach you.

Travel, taste, read, laugh, love and lose yourself. Explore each day and live it like there is no tomorrow…

~ Vaishali S Sharma

My gem, when you have explored it all, read about us and remember me for I might not be around to see the wilderness of your exploration.

Love, Ma!

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Author: Vaishali Sudan Sharma

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  1. beautiful! I am in awe right now! What a lovely letter he has waiting for him when it’s time 🙂 I love this part “Fall in love, break her heart and get back to her again. That’s how you will understand the meaning of love.” I have a similar line in one I am working on now about relationships and it seems a perfect way to describe love doesn’t it?