7 Tips For Baby Skin Care In Winter

My baby has an ultra-sensitive skin.  Even the slightest spoon mark at the time of feeding leaves a mark on his chin. I have to be extra careful with the soaps and oils we opt for his bathing and massage regime. The slightest exposure to low-grade baby oil leads to an eruption on his face. In fact, with his first winters banging on the door, I just have to see how his skin responds to such harsh, chilly winds and low temperatures. I have to find some ways for baby skincare in winter for my little one. Just like me, are you also looking for good-quality baby skin care in the winter months?

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So, even though H is too new to the winter skin regimen and for now we are on a hit-and-trial method, but, in any case, one needs to take extra note of caution during winter months to protect the baby’s delicate skin from the drying effect of cold. As compared to mature skin like yours and mine, the baby’s skin is several times more susceptible to dry faster and if left uncared for may trigger skin issues like eczema. Although Indian homes are not centrally heated, we just tend to go hysterical with the room-temperature and end up using heaters that strip of the hydration faster (just as central heating/cooling system), making their skin even drier! To tackle this, keep a humidifier in the room. Better still, a steamer.

 7 handy tips for baby skincare in winter:

TCT is listing down a few tips on the right steps to follow while taking care of the baby’s skin during the winter months. Just keep the below-listed points in mind and your baby’s skin will remain soft and healthy:

1. Bathing tip – Soap

Bathe your baby every 2 – 3 days with lukewarm water to keep the dryness at bay. The winter air is dry and daily contact with water can make the skin rough and dry. For the first few months, it is advised that babies should be bathed only with water, after which you can use baby soaps. It’s best to use products with no fragrance at all. TCT advises moms and dad to use mild soaps such as Teddy or Seba Med Baby Cleansing Bar.

2. Bathing tip – Lotion

Keep the bathing time as short as possible and restrict it to a few minutes. Immediately after bathing, apply baby lotion or baby’s moisturizing cream so the moisture is locked in and the skin is well protected. TCT advises moisturizing your baby’s skin with Seba Med Baby Lotion and Gla-AD cream by Dr. Reddy’s (to be applied only on very dry areas).

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3. Oiling

 If you feel the skin is already a bit dry, then massage your baby at least 2 times a day with baby oil. As compared to creams, oil has a tendency to penetrate deep into the skin and will keep the skin soft. Use only that quantity of the oil that is easily absorbed by the skin as too much can lead to acne. TCT has shared the recommendation of the three best baby oils for your little ones.

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In toddlers, facial areas like cheeks and lips get dry and chapped first as compared to other areas. For this, repeatedly apply a lip care cream for babies. If the nose area is dry then apply petroleum jelly in and around the nose area. If left unnoticed the skin may become dry and bleed. In the case of an infant or a toddler, just make sure that he/she doesn’t rub that area.

4. Hydration

Give your baby (6 months and older) lukewarm water to drink so he/she remains hydrated from inside.

5. Clothing

Besides using baby skincare products, it is equally significant to choose the right garments as well. To protect from cold, we have a tendency to put on multiple layers of clothing on the baby. But doing this may make the baby sweat more and irritate the skin. Excessive sweat will clog pores and will result in redness and rashes. Instead, keep your baby warm by putting on multiple layers of thin clothes. Woolen clothes should not be worn directly on bare skin. Infant’s garments should always be clean and disinfected. This will help in preventing various skin diseases. 

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6. Avoid talcum powder

Instead of baby powder, use moisturizing creams that act as a barrier against moisture and friction to prevent nappy rash. Avoid applying any other cream on your baby’s skin as it is very delicate. TCT advises you to apply coconut oil at sore areas or rashes caused by wearing diapers.

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7. Skin protection with baby accessories

Use caps, hoods, and mittens for your baby to protect the tender skin on the head, face, and hands. While going out for a stroll, try to also include other accessories like covers and blankets on the stroller to guard against a cold wind.

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Hope your baby enjoys his sun-soaking sessions and enjoys the winter glow with happy skin!

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  1. Protect babies in winter is really a tough task for every mother. These tips will be so helpful for new mothers. Thanks for sharing informative baby skincare tips.