Thought For The Day – Children Become Readers

This is an era when the awareness of the importance of reading is happening with more fervor. The adults are trying to reconnect with the books. Several programs to promote reading habits take place. Parents try everything in their possibility so that their children become readers. Books are designed such that the kids connect with them as early as possible.

Thought for the day – Children become readers:

Thought for the day - Children become readers

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” – Emilie Buchwald

If you want your child to develop a reading habit, you should show them that it is something that they can enjoy. Children imitate their parents. Hence, if they grow up watching their parents read, they will automatically develop an interest in books. This is easier these days as we have a plethora of options for age-appropriate books. For instance, toddlers tend to tear the book pages. Hence there are board books, and high-quality plastic books available for them. There are books with activities for preschoolers. How would we want to mould them is all up to us. If you haven’t already, start it now. Give your child an age-appropriate book and read along with them.

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