Did You Know Facts – Baby’s Strength

Do you know this stranges facts about your baby’s strength? Brace yourself for this unbelievable info through our “Did you know facts”.

Did you know facts #2 – Baby’s strength

Pound for pound, your baby is stronger than many animals. An ox is the best example of a compatible comparison of your baby’s strength. Their strongest muscles? The legs!

Amazing baby facts - Baby strength

When you read this, don’t imagine your child fighting oxen and coming out victorious like some cartoon. We said ‘pound by pound’. Babies weigh way lighter than an ox but if we take the pound to strength proportion, babies are way stronger than them. Their muscles are developed. In short, you are raising a little superhero. So, don’t fret if they fall down. They are stronger than you expect them to be.

Have you experienced the famous palmar grasp reflex? The power with which they grasp the objects is unbelievable for their age and size. For instance, try to let your grab your fingers and pull them back. The harder you pull, the stronger they hold. This grasping reflex is one of the key milestones in newborns.

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Information source: Online Nurse Practitioner Schools

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