Introverted Child 01

5 Ways To Help An Introverted Child Have More Confidence

Want to help the introverted child to build confidence in him/herself? Prepare the child for social interactions and new situations. Introduce the child to new situations in a slow way. Read on to know 5 doable ways of raising an introverted child in an extroverted world.

Rituals Which Mean A Lot To Kids 01

6 Everyday Rituals Which Mean A Lot To Kids

In our everyday lives, right from the time we wake up, to the last few hours before your children retire to bed, there are umpteen rituals which your children are learning on a daily basis.

Leadership Lessons 01

Leadership Lessons From Top 10 Mom Leaders Across The World

A mother’s sense of her own identity and imagery is often consumed by her role as a mom. Here are 10 great moms leaders who can inspire our parenting styles for the best!

Mother and Son Bonding 01

10 Beautiful Mother and Son Bonding Quotes

The bond between a mother and a son is special. A mother always showers her son with unconditional love.

5 Critical Millennial Parenting Skills While Raising Today’s Kids

Being a parent today is an enormous task just by itself. Millennial generation is tackling parenting differently than generation before. The skills are sought-after.

life lessons from Guru Nanak Dev Ji 04

8 Important life lessons from Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Every religion teaches us the life lesson of goodness and humanity. India, as a country has always been rich and diverse in terms of religious and cultural values that have been passed on by several spiritual leaders and founders such as Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Happy Dussehra 01

Happy Dussehra 2018

The Champa Tree Wishes You All a Very Happy Dussehra. This Dussehra, teach your little ones these five critical lessons for them to understand the difference between good and bad.

Life lessons I learnt from my child 01

3 Life lessons I learnt from my child

I knew everything there was to know about life, lessons it has to teach. I thought I had learnt all the life lessons, before I had my son. But a short while after my son Harshal turned one, I realized how little I knew about the word called ‘life’.

value of independence 01

5 Ways to teach the value of independence to children

In a few days it will be Independence Day. The markets are already flooded with everything in tricolor.

lessons to teach your child 01

5 Lifelong lessons to teach your child

A mother-son bond is just overwhelming. It has been nearly ten years since I held a cute little ball of life in my hands and shed tears of joy as his tiny hand curled up around my finger tightly.

Independence Day Greeting 01

Happy 71st Independence Day!

The Champa Tree wishes you all a very Happy 70th Independence Day!

Janmashtami greetings 01

Happy Janmashtami Greetings 2017!

The Champa Tree wishes you all a very Happy Janamashtami!

Being a Good Friend 05

Being a good friend – Teaching life skills to your child

Oh! That age old saying of Friendship. Those clichéd thoughts about friends. Huh! Yet, don’t you think it does, smear, regardless of the time and generations we live in?

Lessons motherhood has taught me 01

5 Life lessons motherhood has taught me

As moms, we are always on the lookout for ways to teach our kids or babies various things or nuances of daily lives.

Daughters in law in India 01

3 Terrible things some daughters-in-law in India have to face everyday

The other day, while browsing through Quora, (an online platform for questions and answers), I came across a common question.

Teacher is the best role model 02

6 Beautiful reasons why a teacher is the best role model for your child

Even today, after so many years of passing out of school, I remember my teachers with fondness.

Ganesh Chaturthi 01

10 Amazing lessons of life lord Ganesha can teach your child this Ganesh Chaturthi

There is the reverberating sound of the Nashik dhol all around you. Everywhere you look, you’ll see a Ganesha idol either on its way to the mandap or already placed on the pedestal.

What does freedom mean to me 02

What does freedom mean to me? – A child’s outstanding description

Freedom is everything. Freedom makes your dreams come true. I would miss so much if I did not have freedom.

Why your child needs a sibling 03

5 Practical reasons why your child needs a sibling

Just when I was getting adjusted to a ‘splendid’ life with my little one and as soon as he turned two, I had a desperate need to have another one.

New mom anxiety 04

New mom anxiety | How to raise kids in a violent world

While you were pregnant, did you go through anxiety? If yes, what was it about? Here is a piece of advice for a new mom from an expecting one!

Life Lessons for Kids – 5 Critical life skills and lessons for kids

When I raise my child, the responsibility of it all overwhelms me. The fact that I am not raising just my son, but a friend, a co-worker, a brother, a husband and a father is huge.

How I taught respect girls 07

How I Taught My Son To Respect Girls

A few days back, while I was out to have an ice cream with my nephew, I experienced something strange. Very strange! We were standing at the counter and he was trying to decide which flavor to have.

Stalking girls is NOT okay! A letter to my son

I look at you growing up slowly. I observe your little steps turning into big leaps and my heart itself takes a leap of pride. Today, I saw you befriend our new neighbour’s daughter…

Bitter lessons of life 04

5 Bitter lessons of life I had to teach my child

Having a child is like a new learning lesson every second you are a mother. It is not about finding faults with others’ techniques, but finding your own.