5 Practical Reasons Why Your Child Needs A Sibling

Just when I was getting adjusted to a ‘splendid’ life with my little one and as soon as he turned two, I had a desperate need to have another one. So, I asked a couple of other mommy friends. Somehow, all of them told me that it’s just a phase. It’s normal too! When we are busy raising an infant or a toddler, our mind tells us to go for a second child and complete the family. In fact, it is rather good if just like me, you too are considering adding a second baby to the family. This obviously means starting all over again. 

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You haven’t had a full 8 hours sleep for the past many years, and even then if you are ready to completely forget about it for a few more years to come, then go on, read this post. 

Yes, giving your child a sibling means having to referee many backseat battles and buy two of most toys. You would probably also develop the nerves of a bomb-squad pro to not to let it get to you!  But it also means that you will get to witness the little ones sharing and caring for each other. Protecting each other from your fit of anger.

There are chances that you would get your moment of life, I mean 10 minutes of an uninterrupted shower because they will probably be too busy playing with each other. Do you want me to convince you more?

5 Reasons why your child needs a sibling: 

1. The art of sharing

When there’s another kid in the house, the first one automatically learns the art of sharing. Initially, the second one might pose a threat to his/her needs and wants. However, eventually, the older one learns how to share goodies, toys, TV time, and split the last red velvet muffin without creating much of a ruckus. 

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2. They will teach and learn from each other

Whether it’s a math lesson or the subject of current affairs, there are several things that they can teach and learn from each other. Other than the regular study material, they can also end up gaining wisdom, learning the virtue of patience, discipline, self-control, and several other important lessons of life from each other. 

3. First honest friendship

There comes a time in life when a child (or a grown-up) lets no one in on a secret. They are less likely to go to their parents with their problems or seek their help. However, having a sibling, means, having someone of their age-group they can turn to for guidance or be in a better position to ask help from as well as lean on when the going gets tough.

4. Playmates forever

Whether it’s a game of Scrabble or a pack of playing cards, your child (as a child or a grown-up) will always have a safe company. You won’t have to worry about arranging special playdates. Ever!

5. About being selfless

The minute your child gets to meet his/her sibling, he/she will experience a feeling of protectiveness for the little one. It comes naturally to most of the older ones. The motherly feeling, the act of sensibility, and wanting to babysit. With time, all this makes the older child way more selfless. Isn’t this the best and probably the most beautiful reason why you should give your child a sibling?

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  1. Hi Vaishali, beautifully captured. I am glad I have a sibling. We shared wonderful moments in our younger days and distance only makes our relationship stronger.

    1. Such is a life.. more the distance, closer you get to your loved ones! Thanks for giving this post your precious time and do share it with your friends & family. 🙂