5 Ways To Help An Introverted Child Have More Confidence

Not every child is the same. Every individual differs, even if they are twins. While some are extrovert in nature some are introverts. Even though it is highly impossible to change the personality of a kid, but there are few ways that can help an introvert child to gain more confidence. So, have you got an introverted child at home?

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Introvert kids are those who find themselves uncomfortable in the presence of unfamiliar people, surroundings or acquaintances, and are generally very reserved and non-mixing type. Socializing with someone is the last and least on their agenda and they definitely despise it a lot.

There is no harm in being an introvert child, however, it really becomes a daunting task for parents to introduce those children to anything new, for instance,  going to the new school, coaching class, making new friends in the neighborhood. Hence to help them adjust  and make them feel better, here are a few things that you can follow:

Down below listed are 5 ways to help an introverted child have more confidence:

1. Understand your child and prepare them for the new situation

Understanding the behavior of the introverted child is the most important thing for any parent. This can, in turn, help you in dealing with your child in the most appropriate manner. Talk to your child, ask them what is bothering them? and come up with a solution. Prepare them for the new situation slowly and gradually. Don’t ever put them in a situation all of a sudden. They feel insecure, threatened and might end up behaving cold and miserable.

2. Enroll kid(s) in any activity of their choice

Enrolling them in any activity like for eg. dance, music, painting, skating, etc. can actually help them gain confidence and will definitely make them stage free. Not only this but learning any kind of extracurricular activity also helps in cognitive development.

3. Don’t orchestrate interactions

As parents, we have the tendency to spoon-feed everything whether it is homework, problem-solving any situation or starting a new interaction on their behalf. Stop doing so! This actually doesn’t help them at all, in fact, it makes them more shy and dependent. Rather than dealing with it directly, what we can do is, we can discuss the matter with them and provide them with a solution and let them tackle the situation in their own terms.

4. Don’t demean or belittle them

Don’t ever ridicule your child. This is probably the worst thing that you can do to your child, never ever demean or belittle them in front of others even in a jokey manner. Your introverted child may take it altogether in a different tangent. Introverted people are highly sensitive and may miss the humor or fun that you meant.

5. Share your childhood stories

We all have one or two awkward and embarrassing moments in your life as a child. Share those funny and ticklish moments with your kids. Comfort your upset child by sharing your stories. Who knows those pricky moments of your life can actually give strength and support to your little one to help him overcome his difficult phase.

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