How to clean earwax 01

How to clean earwax from baby’s ear

The earwax that builds up in your baby/infant/toddler’s ear is absolutely harmless.

Holi Safety Tips for Kids 01

Holi safety tips for kids

Holi is synonymous with fun, excitement and a whole lot of playful activities, especially for children. They are at their chirpiest best and eagerly wait to use their pichkaris and splash water and colors on everyone. For kids above five years of age the following are some of the key safety measures that you should take note of.

Nappy rash treatment 06

How to treat diaper rash?

Nappy rash is the most common problem faced by little ones. It is usually caused due to acidic elements in the stool and urine’s ammonia exposed to the sensitive skin all wrapped up in a warm, moist condition that exists within the diaper.