5 Baby Feet Pressure Points To Calm An Overtired Baby

Cry and babies can be used synonymously with one another. Crying, in fact, is the first form of communication between a mother and a baby. There is also a famous quote which goes like – ‘When you are born, you cry and the world rejoices’. Since crying is the only mode of communication for each task and activity until they start speaking, it is important to identify certain techniques which can help calm a cranky baby. Studies have shown too that baby feet pressure points have been effective.

Just by pressing certain points on your baby’s body, you can go a great way ahead in soothing her, by an ancient technique called Reflexology. Reflexology is the art of using a specific touch technique on reflex pressure points that are said to exist in the hands, feet, and outer ears.

baby feet pressure points

5 Baby feet pressure points to settle a crying baby:

Here is a guide to calming an overtired baby. Study these 5 baby feet pressure points and calm down your baby in minutes.

1. Toes

Teething brings along with itself, its fair share of things such as fever and diarrhea among infants. This often causes pain to the baby in most cases and becomes a concern for the parents. Massage the tip of the toes to give your infant some relief from teething troubles.

2. Upper and lower abdomen

Indigestion in babies is often a major hassle, as kids do not have any physical activity which can help in a faster digestion. Applying pressure to the upper abdomen can give relief from heartburn and indigestion while the lower abdomen spots can heal constipation.

baby feet pressure points

3. Feet pads

The pad of your feet, correspond to your chest. An excessive cough and chest congestion is a common occurrence in infants and parents also refrain from giving any strong antibiotics in this case. Applying pressure to this point can help in giving relief from chest and nasal congestion.

4. Solar plexes

The solar plexus is a collection of nerves hidden between your stomach and lungs. These nerves are connected to a point in the centre of the foot, just below the pads of the feet. Lightly massage your baby’s abdomen to soothe him from strange pains which do not have any root cause otherwise.

5. Centre of toe

Sinuses are in the centre of your face, their corresponding points are located at the centre of each toe. Apply slight pressure to these points. This helps in relieving sinus pain, runny nose, and other symptoms of a cold, allergies.

baby feet pressure points

While reflexology can help in the healing of most of the ailments, but it is advised that you visit your doctor, if there is no improvement in the health of your baby.

Disclaimer: Do consult your paediatrician before applying the art of reflexology on children with extra-sensitive skin and bones!

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