How I Am Protecting My Baby’s Skin During The Winter?

As we celebrate the festive month starting from Navratri, moving on to Dussehra, and finally Diwali, there is also something changing around us. The weather! There is a nip in the air of winter. Birds are migrating and so we hear them chirp more often. The evening sun is setting in early. The season is also bringing with it quite a few challenges. Winter weather can be tough on tender skin. Lips are soon going to get chapped; hands and feet will begin to roughen up. Cheeks will go red (not the healthy, rosy blush!) due to dryness. Hence you need to take good care of your baby’s skin during this winter.


If this is going to be the condition of our skin, think about our baby’s soft, sensitive skin!  One must make a lot of effort to ensure their baby’s skin stays healthy during the winter months.

Why baby skin needs extra care in winter:

Cold waves and chill in the air cause soft skin to dry up easily. Lips chap and redness, and irritation on the elbows and knees are a common sight. The layers of woolen clothes can also (and often do) create an abrasion issue. Some babies are allergic to certain fabric(s) and this can only flair up the issue of skin dryness. To sum this up, the baby’s skin needs extra hydration and protection for winter. So, how do we go about it?


Ways to protect baby’s skin during winter:

  • Use good baby bath soap during the winter season. Daily exposure to water can make the skin more rough and dry. Therefore, use bath soaps with natural moisturizers. Continue Reading…

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