5 Rhymes Chu Chu TV uses to teach good habits to your toddlers

Now teaching good habits to your toddlers is just a click away! Let’s find out how

As a mother of a toddler I have been constantly worried about what to teach my child and how. Like all the other parents out there, I too want him to be well-mannered. But, is he ready to soak in all the information right now? Am I being reasonable in wanting him to learn etiquette and manners early on? I am often rehearsing answers to these questions (most of the times, in front of my bathroom mirror, while driving, A-L-M-O-S-T all the time). What is someone finds it unruly to watch me running around a toddler who isn’t ready to hold the toothbrush? Or just if someone finds me waking a late-sleeper (who has barely got a 7-hour sleep) in the early hours of the morning. “Let him sleep, he is just a kid” or “why to bother, he is just a little one”.. I just want to have answers to these silly questions. Teach good habits to your toddlers 01

So, overall, among all the responsibilities that come with being a parent, your toddler’s health, and behavior takes a high priority. Teaching good manners to your child doesn’t have a ‘when to start’ tag attached to it. I guess the idea is to introduce your kids to good habits really early in their lives. Whether it’s about teaching your little one to brush their teeth or it’s about getting them in the habit of waking up in time, the key to teaching good habits to toddlers begin with practicing all the good habits by your own self.

Other than practicing good habits yourself, there is another very interesting thing one can do, which is exposing kids to innovative mediums which can subtly give out a good message. Take, for instance, Chu Chu TV. My son has been in love with it ever since! And one day I watched him listening to a very interesting rhyme on the channel. It was about brushing your teeth. And, you won’t believe what followed soon-after. He went straight to the bathroom and picked up his little, blue toothbrush and started rubbing it against his gums. 

Imagine, after all, these weeks of running after him only to introduce a toothbrush to my little man, I literally thank Chu Chu TV for simplifying my life in a jiffy. If only I knew this trick way well in advance 😉

Now, all we do is repeat these two practices (1. brushing teeth and 2. waking up on time) everyday so that it turns into our daily habits. You can go step-by-step and upgrade to the next level gradually. Set timelines for new learning-milestones. Do new and several things together like wash hands before the meal, or saying ‘thank-you’ and ‘sorry’ and using many other polite words in our daily interactions. Doing things collectively adds no pressure and parents feel that their kids have learned and adopted good habits!

Take a look at our favorite picks. All you mommas and daddies out there, click on these videos and sing along with your little ones! What we love about ChuChu TV is the fact that it is designed to engage children through a series of upbeat nursery rhymes and educational songs with colorful animations. My son’s favorite ChuChu TV character is his role model. Whatever she does is what Brat H wants to do too. So, by merely watching all these rhymes, and later practicing the same with me, he has been able to identify colors, learn shapes, numbers, and more importantly good human values.

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