Teeth Whitening Solutions For Moms On A Budget

Plenty of moms (and dads alike) have an ongoing struggle with their own aesthetic. Daily struggles and stress can really take a toll. So much so, it even affects appearance. Being a parent can do that, and while exercise does the trick for some things, our smile suffers a lot. Our pearly whites have become a lot less pearly and a lot less, well, white. Are you looking for ultimate teeth whitening solutions in your budget? 

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However, we live in a day and age where teeth whitening resources are plentiful with many options available. These options range from home care to in-office treatments. The main factors we all consider are effectiveness versus cost, which itself is an ongoing battle. The exact treatment you seek to whiten your teeth depends more on your actual goal and budget more than any other factor.

Here are 8 types of teeth whitening treatments for all parents to regain that pearly white smile:

1. Whitening toothpaste

One option for whitening your teeth is with a whitening toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste contains mild abrasives that are designed only to remove surface stains. They may include polish or other chemicals that are more effective at removing stains than regular toothpaste. However, whitening toothpaste does not actually bleach teeth and as such are not true whiteners but only better cleaners. So while they may improve darkened teeth, they generally do not actually whiten teeth. They are fin if all you are looking for is an inexpensive way to improve your smile. 

2. Whitening strips

Teeth-whitening strips are another option for Whitening your teeth. These inexpensive whitening strips are sold over the counter at almost every drugstore. They are quite easy to use and they usually work. Whitening strips do take more time to give you the results you are looking for. However, the length of time needed to get results depends on the strength of peroxide they are using. These actually qualify as whiteners because they do bleach teeth rather than just clean them. They are a home treatment that seems to work well along with regular brushing. 

3. Whitening trays and gels

Whitening trays and gels are usually effective but take longer than in-office bleaching to achieve results. The clear trays are worn from a couple of hours a day to overnight. And depending upon the amount of peroxide, they can take between three days and two weeks to show results. They come in two types, a weaker over-the-counter version and a stronger virgin bought through a dentist’s office. Trays from a dentist are specifically made to fit your teeth, while the over-the-counter versions may not fit perfectly in this can result in irritation of the gums.

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4. Natural ways to whiten treth

Natural whitening methods have too much variety for a full treatment here. They can include simply eating healthier, drinking lots of water, as well as simply following the most recent trends. It can include simply avoiding things that stain your teeth, such as some types of food and tobacco. Some natural methods include abrasives like baking soda and charcoal, While others include rinsing agents such as coconut oil. Most of these are not expensive, but their effectiveness is questionable as the results they produce could just be a matter of helping the person to develop good habits. 

5. Bleaching in the dentist office

One option for Whitening your teeth is to visit your local dentist’s office for professional cleaning and whitening. This in-office procedure produces quick excellent results. Despite being the most expensive option whitening your teeth, it is also the quickest. The procedure usually takes just a little over an hour during a visit to your dentist’s office. Despite being the most expensive, it also produces the fastest results. This Factor attracts a lot of people, particularly those that can afford it. The other benefit is that in-office cleanings are a professional job, and therefore more likely to be of good quality. 

6. Take-home kits that whiten teeth

Another option that some dentists offer take-home kits for whitening your teeth. These include both ready-made and custom-made kits, most of which are similar to over-the-counter whitening kits but have higher concentration levels of bleach. The disadvantage that they have is that like the over-the-counter types they take time to work. Typically the time runs from one to two weeks. 

7. Miscellaneous whitening products

One of the problems in this area is that new products are coming on the market all the time. This makes them hard to classify, but they include chewing gum, dental floss mouthwash, and others. For some of these new products, there is too little research on their effectiveness to show whether they actually work. There seem to be two reasons for this. One is that the manufacturers are trying to sell a product without caring if it works or not. The other is that they are new products that were rushed to the market before adequate research could be done. 

8. Finding the right dentist

If you are serious about Teeth Whitening, it is best to find a dentist that you can trust. If you live in or around New York City, Dr. Marc Lazare can help. He will be happy to discuss your options with you and help you find the best way for you to whiten your teeth. This includes not just professional methods, but at home it over the counter methods as well. Dr. Lazare is the best choice when you’re in need of a teeth whitening specialist in NYC.

If you are looking to whiten your teeth, there are plenty of products and procedures that you can try. It is also quite possible to waste more money trying out cheap products that don’t work than the cost of more expensive ones that do. That is not to say that none of the over the counter products work, only that you need to make sure they work before you buy them. The best solution is to seek advice from a dentist that you can trust. Before you spend your hard-earned money to try to whiten your teeth, make sure what you are buying actually works.

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