Health Tips for Expecting Mothers – 5 not to be ignored health tips for expecting mothers

Take a look at 5 health tips every expecting mother should keep in mind. Simplify your life by tracking the pregnancy online!

Pregnancy is the most wonderful stage in a mother’s life. As she prepares for a beautiful journey that lays ahead of her, at the same time it is also important that she takes good care of her body and that of the baby inside the womb. Right from experiencing the first signs of pregnancy (could be nausea, headache, backache, missing your period, feeling bloated, symptoms vary from person to person) to undergoing cravings at different stages of pregnancy, a pregnant woman has to be extremely careful of her health.

The Champa Tree brings to you 5 important health tips for expecting mothers that can’t be ignored at any cost!

1. Eat Well: We agree that a lot of pregnant ladies might not feel like filling up their stomach in one go, at 3 ‘proper’ meal times. So, instead, opt for 6 small meals in a day. Just be sure to take a well-balanced diet rich in iron, proteins, carbs, fiber and other nutrients.Tips for expecting mothers 03

2. Daily Prenatal Vitamin Intake: Follow the instructions of your gynecologist and never ever miss your daily prenatal vitamin dose.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated: Intake of fluids will make sure you are not dehydrated, constipated or fatigued. It is recommended that you avoid caffeine (in the form of coffee/tea and other beverages). Instead, opt for coconut water, lemonade, butter milk, green tea, etc. Also, stay away from liquor at any cost.

4. Healthy Mind: The best way to make sure you stay healthy is by thinking positive. And for this, exercise or meditate. Click on ‘exercises for pregnant women’ to find out the best possible ways in which you can exercise or meditate without exerting yourself. However, please consult your gynecologist or midwife before deciding to go ahead with it.Tips for expecting mothers 04

5. Sleep It Away: Not all the expecting mothers feel lazy, sleepy or lethargic throughout their pregnancy. Most of the pregnant women feel active post they are 16 weeks pregnant. If an eight hours a night sleep is next to impossible (thanks to the bladder and that constant urge to urinate!)  Or you’re suffering from sleep disturbances; we recommend short naps during the day. But, don’t stress over sleeplessness. It is a common problem during pregnancy.Tips for expecting mothers 05

It is good if you could register online on websites that keep track of your stages of pregnancy, store your medical history, monitor health and get timely recommendations for health assessments. One such website is eKincareWhile there are several other platforms which help you upload records, we highly recommend eKincare since it digitizes your medical records & converts it into easy-to-understand format. Based upon various factors like health indicators (blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI etc.), family history, lifestyle factors and several others, it helps you identify potential health risks early so that you can proactively take action. This can be particularly helpful not just when you are planning or expecting a baby but even at different stages of your life.Tips for expecting mothers 06

eKincare is a Hyderabad based healthcare start-up founded by a team of seasoned professionals with varied international work experience across product marketing, technology and medicine. You can pay them a visit on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. Click on the image below to register with them:

Tips for expecting mothers 08


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