Our Visit To KidZania Indoor Theme Park

Last week, we happened to visit one of the finest, unique, and probably the first interactive indoor theme park – KidZania in Noida. It was so much fun, especially because even though I have visited a lot of outdoor amusement parks, but an indoor entertainment zone, well, we just made a debut in that. Built like a fascinating city which is probably the size of at least seven Olympic swimming pools, it is complete with paved roads, battery-operated cars, buildings, a functioning economy, and even its own currency. 

So, the journey to KidZania began the same away as many adult adventures do, via an airport. We were checked-in and in no time, found ourselves standing outside YES bank for the little one to get his own cash card. A guide map helped us shortlist the places my preschooler could explore. There were limited sites that were meant for kids below 3 years of age. Nevertheless, the kid danced away to glory at Shiamak’s. We also rested a bit at Amiown (Amity’s caring preschool).

Kidzania theme park 04

What we liked the most!

  • Confidence booster: The fact that kids learn a lot through real-life role-play activities available at KidZania. The kids are truly encouraged to take part, explore, and discover new things. Once the repeat the same fun-play activity, it helps a child to achieve mastery of their skill. They will come out feeling confident.
  • Infotainment: By blending reality with entertainment, KidZania is a source of an authentic and powerful developmental platform where kids can discover, explore, and learn about the real-world.
  • Parents learning: It was an out-of-the-world experience! KidZania is capable of inspiring and educating not just kids, but adults too! Parents can find innovative ways and techniques of how to engage and keep the kids busy at home (based on their child’s liking and preference).

Kidzania theme park 05

The downside:

  • Limited fun for preschoolers: If you have a preschooler (say between 2 to 3 years of age), there is very little that can be done. Art and craft at Camlin or a few dancing steps, maybe. We especially had a tough time trying to figure where to go at first. When you have a kid who is under three, yet aspiring to take up activities which are meant for a 5-year-old, you are sure in for some trouble.
  • Do your homework: The place is massive and I didn’t do my homework. So, the key is to print a schedule the night before your trip. Or else you will be lost for the first 30 minutes of your visit. Be sure to visit the website of the theme park. 
  • Waiting: The waiting queue for the scheduled activity got my little one beginning to get bored and eventually losing interest in the activity.
  • Pack light: I tend to pack extensively. This time it sort of backfired. I packed a mini tiffin which was not allowed inside! We had to make do with pizzas inside.

So, during the Spring break, if you have been meaning to spend some quality time with your kids who have been dreaming of becoming a pilot, a firefighter, or the next award-winning actor, then  KidZania is the place for them. It represents industries present in the real world like private services, public services, entertainment, airline, automobile, retail, restaurants, and factories where children can play the role of a Pilot, Surgeon, Detective, Chef, Engineer, TV Producer, Radio Jockey, Car Mechanic and much more.

Take a look at the activities kids can engage in. Click here to book your tickets!

Disclaimer: Keep one eye on your little ones at all times. Make sure when walking through the crowd that your kids are holding onto a grown-up’s hand. 

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